M.S. Computer Science

The M.S. Computer Science program offers students advanced computer science knowledge with four core courses in algorithms, operating systems, theory, and software engineering. In consultation with their advisor, students can tailor the rest of the program to some extent based on their own interests. A project or thesis is required.

M.S. program applicants are required to show proof of completion of certain undergraduate prerequisite courses in computer science and mathematics.

For detailed admission and program requirements, please refer to the University's Graduate Catalog.

To ensure your application materials and inquiries are received and answered in a timely manner, please do not email the department chair or graduate coordinator. Send all supplemental information and program and admission inquiries to info@cs.memphis.edu. This will ensure your materials and inquiries are routed to the appropriate staff.

If you plan on attending in the Spring, please have all your application materials submitted by September 1 for international applicants and December 1 for domestic applicants.

If you plan on attending in the Fall, please have all your application materials submitted by May 1 for international and domestic applicants.

Note for International Applicants

We do not require transcript evaluation such as WES by default.  The admissions committee may ask for additional documents, including transcript evaluation, upon review of the transcript.

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