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The future of the Mid-South has always been tied to the future of the University of Memphis and, today that relationship is stronger than ever. Driven by a shared desire for innovation and growth, the success enjoyed by one is equally beneficial for the other. It is a natural connection that makes our region a community unlike any other.

At the core of this synergy is community — our students, bursting with ambition and limitless potential; our alumni, building our economy and community with the best of Tiger pride; and industry leaders like you, creating products and providing services that propel our region forward.

Together, We Are Memphis

It’s one thing to be located in a community; it is another to be part of it. This culturally rich region not only anchors us but reaffirms our drive to effect positive change in the world around us. As a university grounded in its community, we proudly accept our role in preserving and enhancing the Mid-South: this place, these people, our home. We are paragons in our community. The success of our efforts has earned us recognition as a Community Engaged Institution by the Carnegie Foundation, a prestigious classification that celebrates institutional commitment to community engagement. You will associate your business or organization with a well-respected and trusted pillar of the community. Strategic and thoughtful partnerships are vital for advancing our mutual goals. The University stands ready to broaden your reach and increase your consumer base.

The University of Memphis is driven to position our students for success in the classroom, in the research lab, on the playing fields, and in the workforce. Partner investments are vital to the success of our students now and in the future. 
Completion Scholarships >  
Scholarships make a profound impact on a student’s life, and often can be the difference in a student being able to complete their studies.  
The single biggest concern that many students and their families face is how to pay for a college education. Scholarships are vital to assist students in paying for school – and they are the only way that some can fulfill their dreams of earning a college degree. Data from the UofM’s Office of Institutional Research shows that every $100 in non-loan aid increases a student’s probability of graduating by 2.5%.   
By underwriting or offsetting tuition and expenses, you help ensure that the UofM experience is affordable to motivated and deserving students. Scholarships also play an important role in helping the University attract and retain talented students who will be leaders in our community.   
Simply put, scholarships have the unique ability to change lives. An investment in scholarships is an investment in the University's most valuable resource, its students. The return on your investment is immeasurable and upholds the future of our university, state and nation for generations to come.  
Research and Innovation >
Recently, the UofM was named an R1 institution by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. This distinction recognizes that the UofM is in the top tier of research universities nationally. Furthermore, this announcement marked the achievement of an institutional aspiration as well as a long-standing state goal. Recognizing the role research plays in the health and economic wellbeing of the state, in 1969, state leaders began working to ensure Tennessee would have at least two public Carnegie R1 collegiate institutions. 
The R1 designation is recognition that UofM research addresses significant and important societal challenges, answers pressing issues, creates new knowledge, feeds systems of discovery, and has a significant impact on our region, state, and world. Beyond the innovations and inventions being produced, research awards impact the local economy through job creation and support of local business. An economic analysis commissioned by the UofM found that every research job at the UofM translates into two jobs for the Memphis area. 
In order to maintain R1 status and the important, life-changing research that is associated with it, the UofM is seeking philanthropic partnership to support the people and programs that drive research at the University. 
STEM Building >
The new STEM Research and Classroom Building will enable our students to collaborate to produce ground-breaking research and innovations while building tomorrow’s STEM workforce.  
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is the collection of academic disciplines that will drive economic development opportunities, find solutions to the grand challenges we face as a nation, a planet, and a people (water, food, energy, security, health and healthcare), and create new jobs for generations to come.    
The University of Memphis is set to build a world-class STEM Research and Classroom Building (SRCB) where students and faculty from the Herff College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences can collaborate to address societal changes and help students compete on the world stage in scientific and engineering innovation.    
Successful collaboration takes place here at the UofM every day: in the classroom, across campus, in conjunction with private industry, and in partnership with other institutions of higher education. Despite current space deficiencies, our faculty and students produce nationally-lauded research supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Transportation, and numerous other public and private entities.    
This new 65,000 square foot facility will support 16 undergraduate and graduate programs. The SRCB will enable faculty and students to collaborate on innovative research, tackling issues like earthquake engineering, cyber security, workforce development, hydrology, big data, artificial intelligence, transportation, and biomaterials.  
African American Male Academy >
Here at the University of Memphis, our top priority is to provide students from all backgrounds with the opportunity to excel. One of the most vulnerable student populations is African American males. The UofM has made a long-term commitment to improving the success rates of black males with the establishment of the African American Male Academy (AAMA).   
The AAMA takes an applied developmental approach in three phases:    
Starting in middle school, the initiative will identify, recruit and induct African American male students into a culture of inclusive excellence. Through this model of early exposure to academic and career preparation, peer and faculty mentors, textbooks and educational supplies and integration into college life, African American male students are set on an early path toward college completion.   
The AAMA will provide college students assistance to overcome potential obstacles to degree completion through well-established and newly developed programs such as Empowered Men of Color, HAAMI, I AM A Man: I Teach and MLK50 Fellows. These initiatives plus many more will serve as the core components of AAMA for students once enrolled at the UofM.   
The AAMA will identify, recruit and induct students into UofM master’s, doctoral and law school programs.   
In June 2020, the first cohort of 50 African American male 8th graders were inducted into the AAMA. These middle schoolers will receive academic and career preparation, mentoring, and educational assistance as they matriculate through middle and high school and the UofM. Our goal through this program is to increase the 6-year graduation rate for this student population from 40% to match the overall graduation rate of 62% by 2025.  

Building mutually beneficial partnerships is a cornerstone of the University’s mission and vision. As a metropolitan research university, we collaborate with private sector, educational, governmental and community partners worldwide to elevate the quality of life in the Mid-South. Our partnership opportunities range from sponsoring scholastic or athletic programs that span the entire academic year to sponsoring alumni events. Each comes with a variety of benefits to maximize your strategic partnership, including employee recruitment and access to industry research. Get to know our UofM Tigers and programs and you’ll uncover an array of possibilities that can be tailored specifically for you.

Your organization can sponsor signature student activities such as concerts, lectures, career fairs and other personalized events. Contact us to learn more >

Our campus community spans all generations: from preschoolers attending the University’s grade-level schools to senior citizens participating in the UofM Association of Retirees. Much of our population belong to the coveted 18-35 age group. Marketing to this bracket can make a long-lasting impression as they begin to form their consumer habits and identify the products and services that they love most.

Make your name known on campus through strategic philanthropic gifts. Companies may increase visibility by:

The diversity of Tiger nation goes much further than age. We are also a proud community of diverse personalities, experiences, talents, demographics and future aspirations. This audience is ever-widening with the influx of new students and families each year. It’s never stagnant, always fresh. You will reach a massive and diverse audience that includes many of the Mid-South’s most involved — and often most enthusiastic — consumers. Tiger students, faculty, staff, alumni, families and friends are ready to purchase your products and take advantage of your exceptional services.

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