Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my Tiger Scholarship Fund in installments?
Yes. Just call 901-678-2334 to set up your monthly payment. The payments can be made equally over time with your credit card
on the dates you specify.

How do I get FedExForum parking?
To be guaranteed FedExForum parking in the Toyota garage, you must be a Super Tiger Donor ($5,000) or above. Parking is allocated on an annual basis and is based on giving level and priority points earned.

How do I earn priority points?
You earn priority points in a number of ways. You earn one point for every $50 donated to TSF. Additionally, you earn priority points for consecutive years of donating, season ticket purchases and special incentive programs (i.e., on-time renewals, contributions to capital projects and planned giving).

Can I be a member of TSF even if I don't have season tickets?
Yes. Being a part of the Tiger Scholarship Fund is a great way to support the 400+ student-athletes at the University of Memphis. You can become a TSF member for as little as $25.

What happens if I don't make my donation by May 15?
If you are unable to complete your donation by the May 15 deadline, you may lose your tickets and parking priority.

What happens if my seats are dropped?
In the event that you miss the donation deadline, please call us at 901.678.2334 and we will help you find new seats based on your
annual donation.

How do I make a planned (estate) gift to the Athletics Department?
Call us at 901.678.2334 and we will be happy to help you arrange a planned gift to the Athletics Department.

How are postseason football and basketball tickets allocated?
Postseason football and basketball ticket allocations are based on donor level (i.e., Super Tiger or Platinum Tiger), and priority points earned within each donor level.


For more information, contact or 901.678.2334.