Innovate Together

What we do together will impact the world. Innovation is nothing new at the UofM. In fact, our faculty and researchers are already leading in more than 250 fields of study.

As one of only three research-intensive public universities in Tennessee, our students work alongside these category leaders to develop patented technologies and processes that solve real-world problems for the region.

Recently, the UofM was named an R1 institution by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. This distinction recognizes that the UofM is in the top tier of research universities nationally. We are actively working to support an aggressive research agenda and prepare students to compete for in-demand STEM careers in the Mid-South and beyond. To date, the UofM has received over 40 U.S. patents, with almost half of that number having been issued in the last three years. Within a world continually becoming faster, smarter and more connected, the only real question is “where else do we want to innovate?” Because with the right partners, nothing can hold us back.

As a research university, the UofM receives a significant portion of its funding from organizations that directly underwrite research projects. Usually awarded upon submission and evaluation of a proposal, sponsored projects typically include a statement of work, a budget, and terms for the disposition of resulting tangible and intangible property.

Why might industry contract out their research efforts to a University? The answers are as varied as the intellectual questions behind the projects; however the answer may be the desire to make best use of limited corporate resources, to take advantage of unique research facilities, and to engage faculty and students in questions which will impact the future of the world. For more information, contact the FedEx Institute of Technology.

The FedEx Institute of Technology is an advanced technology and research organization that functions as a catalyst for interdisciplinary research and innovation in emerging technologies by supporting cross-campus research innovation clusters. These clusters focus on areas such as intelligent systems, drones, cyber security testing, biologistics, autonomous vehicles, robotics, smart biomaterials, additive manufacturing, precision medicine, data science and SMART cities.

The UofM’s licensing activities involve inventions, patents, biological materials, software, and copyrightable materials. By working closely with inventors and industry, the UofM seeks to maximize the value of technology for the future. Technology transfer has become a key concept in national, regional, and global economic development.

The FedEx Institute of Technology is home to the University’s intellectual property and patent repository, which is the focal point of technology transfer and licensing operations. The Institute supports regional community efforts to increase both the size and technical sophistication of the regional technology workforce. The Office of Technology Transfer within the FedEx Institute promotes investment in new technologies and innovations related to commercial products. The office licenses intellectual property to companies in the Memphis area, allowing those companies to benefit from the cutting-edge research performed at the Institute. Learn more >

The University of Memphis UMRF Research Park, located in the heart of the University District, changes the conversation about what innovation means in Memphis. The Research Park provides a diverse set of research-oriented resources to enable public-private partnership - think meeting space, access to research, networking resources, access to lab space, a workforce pipeline filled with Tiger talent, and access to venture funding. UMRF Research Park was founded to preserve community spirit, amplify opportunities and establish a center of creative empowerment and emerging innovation.

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