EPAF Assignment Guide

EPAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form): After all departmental approvals have been received or the eContract has been accepted, it is then routed to Shared Services.

Shared Services:

  • Creates the Banner EPAF through self-service
  • Department Originator is added as "FYI" status in order to have access to view the EPAF through self-service.

It is the Departmental Staff's responsibility:

  • To create, revise, terminate, and/or cancel the eContract (to access reference guides login to https://umwa.memphis.edu/econtract).
  • List any approved optional FYIs on the eContract that will need access to the EPAF once it has been created.
  • Delivering approved travel claims & original receipts to the Shared Services Center.

In the event that an EPAF is returned for correction and/or a change is needed to the eContract, the SSC will notify the department via the Helpdesk ticket system.

Note: CUT OFF for any revisions is the 10th of each month with no exceptions. Any changes must be made on following month's payroll.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the SSC at extension 1780 or sharedservices@memphis.edu.