Recognition Where It Counts

In our world, numbers matter. We were recently ranked as the #1 online college in the state of Tennessee. In fact, almost a third of our programs are nationally-ranked in the top 40. Even more rank in the top 100.

Everyone has different reasons for working towards a degree, but one thing remains constant—the need to learn, grow and advance.

Ranked Online Degrees

U.S. News & World Report Rankings
Online MBA (100)
Online Graduate Nursing Program (82)
Online Graduate Education (RNP) (166)

The Princeton Review
Best Online MBA (23)

Affordable Colleges Online
Best Online Bachelor's Degrees (12)
Best Online Colleges (17)
Best Online Colleges in Tennessee (1)
Best Online Business Management Degree (1)
Best Online Communications Degree (8)
Best Online English Degree (21)
Best Online Finance Degree (3)
Best Online History Degree (3)
Best Online Journalism Degree (2)
Best Online Marketing Degree (15)
Best Online Psychology Degree (11)
Best Online School Psychology Degree (7)
Best Online Public Health Degree (39)
Best Online PhD in Education (22)
Best Online Master's Programs (17)
Best Online MBA Program (19)
Best Online Master's in Communication (19)
Best Online Master's in Computer Science (36)
Best Online Master's in Criminal Justice (37)
Best Online Master's in English (36)
Best Online Master's in History (3)
Best Online Master's in Marketing (11)
Best Online Master's in Psychology (17)
Best Online Master's in Public Health (22)
Best Online Nursing Programs (40)
Best Online RN-to-MSN Program (23)
Most Affordable Online College (22)

Great Value Colleges
Online Psychology Degree (27)
Best Online Colleges in Tennessee (3)
Online Nursing RN-BSN – (14)
Online MS in Environmental Nutrition – (2)
Best Online Master's in Educational Psychology
Best Online Schools for Accounting (1)
Best Online Criminal Justice Programs (22)
Accredited Online Bachelor's Degree Programs (24)
Best Online Master's in Liberal Studies Degree Programs (12)
Most Affordable Online Master's in Educational Psychology (9)

College Values Online
Best Value Online Accounting Programs (18)
Best Value Accelerated Online Master's Degree in Criminal Justice (21)
Best Value Online History Programs (7)
Best Value Online Journalism Programs (8)
Best Value Online Psychology Programs (29)
Best Affordable Online Masters in Psychology (6)
Best Online Liberal Arts Programs for Undergraduates (49)

Grad School Hub
Most Affordable Online Master's Degree in English (21)
Online Bachelors in Communication (48)
Online Masters Programs in Psychology (35)
Online Masters Programs in Communication (46)
Best Online Colleges in Tennessee (1)
Best Online Colleges (65)

Online Accounting Degree Programs
Online BBA Accountancy (2)
Best Master of Accounting Degree Program (33)


The UofM Global Experience

From admission to graduation, we are invested in your success. Our nationally-ranked online degree programs and courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere  from the comfort of your home. A variety of resources and support are also available to you as a UofM Global student.  Learn More >>