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Our online graduate certificate programs are designed to give students the momentum they need to go even further in their learning and life. We offer graduate certificate tracks across every sector of industry—from tech and business to healthcare and education to the arts and more.


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Graduate Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship

The Arts Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate is an available program for prospective businessmen and women with existing backgrounds in creative fields. This online graduate certificate program will aim for an overarching understanding of and work within entrepreneurship, including the history, social impact, and ethics of this type of work; learning how to articulate a vision for a particular product or idea; developing a business model alongside knowledge of leadership and management development; learning how to best frame, market, and promote a product or idea; and culminating in developing a pitch deck and provide a formal pitch of the idea at the Arts Entrepreneurship Annual Conference to potential investors and other entrepreneurs.

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Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies

Museums anchor communities, celebrate cultures, preserve heritage, stimulate discovery, embrace diversity, innovate learning, and engage people with each other and important issues of our time. This Graduate Certificate program online prepares students who are currently enrolled in or have completed master's or doctoral degree programs to enter the museum professions. Since its start in 2003, the Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies has prepared students for positions in museum administration, education, collection management, registration, exhibition development, curation, and public programs.  

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Graduate Certificate in Business Project Management

Graduate certificate program in Business Project Management prepares individuals for project management teamwork and to be project managers with specific emphasis on the integration of information systems and business processes.

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Graduate Certificate in General Business

The Graduate Certificate in General Business is targeted at students with a bachelor’s degree in a non-business field who wish to transition into management fields or into an MBA program. Performance in these courses, which are part of the MBA core, will be used for screening potential MBA applicants without a business background. 

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Graduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership

The Graduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership is a 12-hour program (four courses) designed to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to enhance leadership skills.

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Professional Graduate Real Estate Certificate

The Professional Graduate Real Estate Certificate prepares students and working professionals training for careers in real estate and related industries without the need of obtaining a graduate degree in real estate.

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Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Earn training in the important aspects of the rapidly emerging area of Data Science. With large volumes of data being generated every day from multiple sources (including business data, biomedical data, educational data, science data, engineering data, and personal data), the importance of systematic and rigorous approaches to understanding and putting these large volumes of data to good use is now well recognized. Graduates of this online graduate certificate program are required to take two core courses in data science, and can choose two other elective courses.

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Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity & Information Assurance

Earn a Cybersecurity & Information Assurance Graduate Certificate with only four courses. Courses in this online graduate program may also be used toward a graduate degree. Now available fully online!

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Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies

The University of Memphis is excited to offer an online Autism Certificate Program. This online graduate program is designed to equip parents, teachers, and professionals with the tools necessary to successfully work with children with autism and deal with the unique challenges and rewards associated with the disorder.

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Graduate Certificate in College and Career Counseling

The University of Memphis' certification in college and career counseling as an online and field based post-degree program designed to address contemporary issues related to career and college counseling in schools.

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Graduate Certificate - Educational Leadership

This online 18-hour (six classes) graduate certificate is designed for individuals who already possess a master's degree, work in a K-12 setting and are seeking alternate route certification to become a school principal/school leader. This online graduate certificate mirrors the MS in Leadership and Policy Studies School Administration and Supervision concentration.

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Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Instruction

This online 18-hour (six classes) graduate certificate is designed for individuals already teaching in higher education settings or working on an advanced degree who would like to hone their college classroom teaching skills. Graduates can work at community colleges, private and public colleges/universities, for-profit agencies and adult learning centers.

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Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology

Our graduate-level certificate program is completely online and offers two tracks: (1) Educational Technology and (2) Design and Development. Each online graduate certificate program track is comprised of four classes. The courses may be completed as part of a degree program in IDT or other program with your advisor's approval. Transform your career!

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Graduate Certificate in Literacy, Leadership, and Coaching

Literacy Education is concerned with the promotion of literacy, with specific emphasis on reading, writing, listening and speaking. No matter what your career goals, local or global, we have a program to meet your professional needs. 

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Graduate Certificate - School Library Information Specialist

The program of study for School Library Information Specialist (SLIS) is a University of Memphis graduate program offered 100% online, and the courses must be part of enrollment towards a Master's degree if a student has not already completed an M.S. or M.A. degree. It is also offered as Graduate Certificate for those who have already earned a Master's degree (or higher).

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Special Education Comprehensive Certificate

The Special Education Comprehensive Certificate is designed for individuals seeking certification in Comprehensive Special Education or wanting to enhance their knowledge of Low Incidence Disabilities. This online graduate certificate program provides advanced coursework directed at foundational knowledge and evidence-based instructional practices for children with low incidence disabilities (e.g., intellectual disorders, ASD, multiple disabilities). As a University of Memphis graduate with a special education certificate credential, students can pursue an advanced degree, or enhance skills for fields that require an ability to work with children with low incidence disabilities. 

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Graduate Certificate in Applied Lean Leadership

For students with a bachelor's degree who are currently working full-time in a production or service industry, and are specifically interested in learning about lean principles and practices.

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Graduate Certificate in Electrical and Computer Engineering - Imaging and Signal Processing

Help develop more sustainable sources of energy and more efficient devices that maintain our world and extend our natural resources through this University of Memphis graduate programs.

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Family Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate

The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Certificate program provides a formal program of study for master’s-prepared nurses interested in taking the national certification exam to practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

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Nursing Education Graduate Certificate

The University of Memphis graduate Nursing Education Certificate program provides a formal program of study for masters prepared nurses interested in obtaining a credential allowing them to teach in in various educational settings.

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Certificate in Health Systems Leadership

The Health Systems Leadership graduate certificate provides students with training in areas critical to 21st century healthcare, public health, and community health leadership.

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Certificate in Population Health

SPH is pleased to offer a fully online graduate certificate in Population Health. For public health practitioners and other healthcare leaders who are interested in improving health outcomes in the community. This online graduate certificate can be completed in two semesters.

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Certificate in Sport Nutrition and Dietary Supplementation

The graduate certificate in Sport Nutrition and Dietary Supplementation is particularly useful for registered dietitians/nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, and healthcare providers (e.g., nurses, pharmacists) who may receive questions from athletes and/or patients specific to the topics of sport nutrition and dietary supplementation. The certificate consists of three required courses and one elective. All courses are delivered online and can be completed in any sequence.

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Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language

You can now earn a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language completely online with the University of Memphis' eCampus. Students in the Teaching ESL/EFL concentration take 5 classes for the Certificate that help them develop expertise in second language acquisition, cross-cultural issues, language policy and planning, and second/foreign language instruction.

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Professional and Liberal Studies

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Graduate Certificate in Aviation Human Factors

Aviation Human Factors is used to optimize the fit between people and the systems in which they work in order to improve aviation safety and performance. Knowledge gained in this online graduate certificate can also be applied to safety investigation activities.

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Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Our certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) will develop your geospatial technology skills, while expanding your career opportunities. We combine research with extensive hands-on experience using the latest online GIS learning techniques, leveraging the best GIS software, and working with spatial data in a real-world context.

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Social Science

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Graduate Certificate in Health Communication

As a sub-discipline of Communication Studies, Health Communication uses a multi-disciplinary approach to identify and understand barriers and challenges to effective communication in healthcare settings. Drawing on communication theory, practice and creativity, Health Communication researchers and practitioners develop and implement communication interventions with the overarching goal of enhancing the health and well-being of individuals, health systems, and populations.

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Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy

Embark on a transformative journey with our fully online Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy, tailored for current graduate students or post-graduates from programs in social work, counseling, psychology, school counseling, school psychology, or clinical mental health. Students aspiring to become a Registered Play Therapist should familiarize themselves with the Association for Play Therapy requirements for full information on credentialing. Join us in shaping the future of therapeutic practices through play.

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Graduate Certificate in Local Government Management

The Department of Public and Nonprofit Administration offers the Graduate Certificate in Local Government Management to mayors, managers, department heads, supervisors and other local government professionals.

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Graduate Certificate in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership

Every employee and volunteer in a nonprofit organization plays a role in meeting the philanthropic goals and charitable purposes of the organization. The University of Memphis graduate Certificate in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is designed to meet the needs of these employees and volunteers looking for advanced study in the theory and practice of nonprofit administration.

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Graduate Certificate in School Social Work

The Graduate Certificate in School Social Work Prepares Students for School Social Work Licensure. Students must be either concurrently enrolled from a Master of Social Work program or have completed a Master of Social Work degree.

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Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial Journalism

From starting a business to engaging audiences through social media, learn the media skills to succeed while surrounded by Memphis’ abundant entrepreneurship community.

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Graduate Certificate in Multimedia Storytelling

In this University of Memphis graduate program, update skills in multimedia with a focus on telling stories through various platforms including photography, audio, video and data visualization. 

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Graduate Certificate in Social Media Analysis and Strategy

Learn tools in audience analysis and segmentation, analytics and evaluation and community engagement to build and maintain a social media presence for brands and organizations through this University of Memphis graduate program. Earn certifications in various analytic software and programs. 

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Graduate Certificate in Substance Abuse

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Substance Abuse seeks to expand the number of behavioral health professionals ready to work in inter-professional and integrated health settings with populations impacted by substance use disorders (SUD) in the Memphis and greater Midsouth region.  

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