Masculinity and Health Research

Dr. Lease

Research Team Faculty Director: Suzanne Lease

Research Team Description: We examine the many ways that gender role norms – especially masculinity – affect aspects of health, health promotion/risk behaviors, and interpersonal interactions.

Current Research Team Members:
Ali Fuss
Whitney Shuman
Jennifer Yeoward
Parker Rhomberg
Erica Magsam
Re'Sean Johnson
Greg Edgin


Current Projects:

  1. Examining nurses' perceptions of patients with chronic pain and if they differ when the patient violates gender norms.
  2. Examining the relationships between gratitude, self-efficacy, and outcome expectations for physical exercise among physical therapy patients. 

Projects in Development:

  1. Working with African American HIV patients in primary care: Resilience and health
  2. Re-entry from the criminal system

Select Publications:

Lease, S. H., Shuman, W. A., & Gage, A. (in press). Incorporating traditional masculinity into health promotion models: Differences for African American/Black and White men. Psychology of Men and Masculinity

Lease, S. H., Montes, S. H., Badgett, L. R., Sawyer, R. J., Fleming, K. M., Hampton, A. B., Ovrebo, E., ... Boyraz, G. (2013). A cross-cultural exploration of masculinity and relationships in men from Turkey, Norway, and the United States. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 44, 84-105. Doi: 10.1177/0022022111432293

Lease, S. H., Hampton, A. B., Fleming, K. M., Baggett, L. R., Montes, S. H., & Sawyer, R. J. (2010). Masculinity and interpersonal competencies: Contrasting White and African American men. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 11, 195-207.

Select Conference Presentations:

Fishel, A. C., Lease, S. H., Lightsey, O. R., Suedmeyer, E. S., & Adams, B. (August, 2016). A new tool for the toolbox: Gratitude interventions with physical therapy patients. Poster presented at the SCP/CCPTP-sponsored poster session. American Psychological Association, Denver, CO.

Lease, S. H., & Brett, B. L., & Miro, D. Z. (August, 2015). Clustering masculinity, physique anxiety, and self-esteem: Gay/bisexual and heterosexual men. Poster presented at American Psychological Association, Toronto, ON.

Lease, S. H., *Miro, D. Z., *Brett, B. L., *Ingram, C. L., & *Jehu, C. M. (August, 2014). Cluster analyzing masculinity, physique anxiety, and self-esteem: Relation to health behaviors. Poster presented at the American Psychological Association Conference in Washington, D.C.