Frequently Asked Questions

Do temporary employees receive holiday pay?
No. Temporary employees do not receive pay for holiday, bereavement, annual or sick leave.

Will I need to go through the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) to hire a temporary employee?
No. Human Resources does consult, however, with OIE to ensure compliance with all regulations regarding the hiring of temporaries, especially in the case of annual salary greater than specified limits and nepotism.

How much may I pay a temporary employee?
Use the university's pay plan as a guideline. Specified rates have to be approved by HR.

May a departing faculty member be paid all deferred money and longevity, if due, in a lump sum payment?
Yes, with the approval of the Provost.

May I use my University office address as my permanent address?
No. A permanent/home address is needed for several reasons, not the least of which is that in the case of emergency; the University needs to know where to reach an employee and/or their family. Further, any mail addressed to a University office, i.e. department office, can be considered University business and subject to being opened even if it has an employee name on it.

May someone review my employee record maintained in the Human Resources Records office?
Yes. The employee's supervisor may review the record at any time. In addition under Tennessee Public Records laws, any citizen of the State of Tennessee may review and even purchase copies of employee personnel files. Notwithstanding, however, under the same laws certain personal information may not be reviewed. These are unpublished telephone numbers; bank account information; social security number; driver license number except where driving or operating a vehicle is part of the employee's job description or job duties or incidental to the performance of the employee's job; and the same information of immediate family members or household members.

Where may I obtain a copy of my W-2?
Current employees may retrieve and print a copy of past W-2 forms via the MyMemphis Portal's Employee Tab. Previous employees without Portal access should contact the Payroll Department in Room 272 of the Administration Building or by calling 678.3841 to obtain a printed copy.

Where do I go to change my W-4 or Direct Deposit?
Forms are available online. You may also go in person to the Payroll office, located in 272 Administration Building.

How may I find my U-Number (aka, University ID#, Banner ID#)?
Your U-Number is your unique University identification number. It consists of the letter "U" followed by 8 digits. You should include this number, rather than your social security number, in all correspondence with the University. Do not supply your social security number unless specifically asked by a University employee who has a legitimate need to know it. Your U-Number is also referred to as your University ID#, Banner ID#, or even Student ID#. There are two methods you may use to find this information, the myMemphis portal or iAM. Directions to both are listed below.

MyMemphis Portal

  • Login to the myMemphis portal.
  • Students : Click on the "Student" tab.
  • Faculty: Click on the "Faculty" tab.
  • Students: Click on a link in the Registration Tools channel (try Registration Status).
  • Faculty: Go to one of your Faculty Self Service links (Faculty Detail Schedule, Attendance Reporting, Final Grades, etc.).
  • When the page appears, look in the upper right-hand portion of the screen: you should see your "U" number and name above the term and the day's date/time:

IAM information
Use iAM to find your U-Number:

  • Go to iam.memphis.edu.
  • Login with your U of M UUID (Username) and Password.

The main menu page for iAM appears. Look in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Your U-Number appears in parentheses behind your UUID in the "Logged in as" line.

Miscellaneous Info

Direct Deposit
The first direct deposit to your account will usually be the second payroll after the Payroll Office has entered your authorization. If you make a change to your direct deposit, your next check will be manual and will need to be picked up at the USBS teller windows with picture identification.

Part-Time Faculty Payment
Spring part-time faculty members are paid biweekly during the months of February, March, and April. Fall part-time faculty members are paid biweekly during the months of September, October, and November. The eContract will specify the payment dates.