The Process

1) You must be admitted/readmitted to the University. Employees living out of state may need to submit a verification of employment to the Admissions Office (mail to 101 Wilder Tower; hand deliver to 204 Wilder Tower) to avoid being charged out of state tuition. Keep in mind that this process is for a waiver of in-state tuition.

2) For UofM courses, you MUST be registered for your course(s) prior to requesting an electronic fee waiver. (If your course is at another TBR/UT school, you should still register prior to completing the fee waiver application.)

3) Access the MyMemphis portal's Employee page and look for the Educational Benefits Program portlet. Alternatively, you may authenticate outside of the portal at Educational Benefits Forms.

4) Complete and submit the online form. The form is routed for approvals (if necessary) and processing.

5) The discount/waiver will be applied to the student account in TigerXpress, usually within 24-48 hours.

6) Fees not covered by the benefit must be paid by the appropriate fee payment deadline to avoid course deletion and/or late payment fees. See the USBS calendar for dates and deadlines. View/pay account balance in TigerXpress from the myMemphis Portal.

7) You will be offered the opportunity to print your application form at the conclusion of the electronic application. If you are using the fee waiver at another TBR/UT institution, you MUST print your form for submission to that school adhering to appropriate deadlines.

8) Any needed modifications to submitted forms must be handled by Human Resources. Contact HR at 901.678.3573 or e-mail hrservicecenter@memphis.edu, requesting to have submitted forms deleted. Allow 24 to 48 hours for processing before submitting new forms.