University Groups Lists

The Group Management or groups directory is used by University faculty and staff to create groups for e-mail distribution lists and login purposes.

Request a New Group

Faculty and Staff request the creation of a directory group by contacting the Service Desk at 901-678-8888 and providing the information:

  • name you would like for your group

  • UUIDs of two group owners, preferably an Local Service Provider (LSP) and the person that will update the group members

Add or Remove Users from a Group

  1. Browse to Group Management
  2. Type in your UUID
  3. Type in your password
  4. Click Submit
  5. Click on the name of the group you would like to make changes to
  6. Click either the Add or Remove buttons to make changes to your list:
    • If Adding, select UUID, Full Name, or Group Name from the drop down list, enter the corresponding info, and click Submit Query and then the Add button
    • If Removing, check-mark the person to remove and click Submit Query
  7. Click Logout in the upper right corner of your browser window when you are finished making changes