Information Technology Security

Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for securing and maintaining integrity of The University's core infrastructure systems and data. The University utilizes security best practices and various technologies to defend the infrastructure from inappropriate access and malicious activity.

A key strategy in protecting the University's infrastructure is ensuring computers are hardened against attacks. In this context, "hardened" means that steps have been taken to diminish the chances of a successful attack. Hardening a computer involves, but isn't limited to, steps such as:

  • ensuring operating systems are current and patched.
  • ensuring computers are running an updated anti-malware product.
  • enabling the firewall that is built into most operating systems.
  • configuring the computer to limit its security exposure.

Most of the steps to harden computers against attacks are performed by technical support personnel at the University. However, everyone has a role in securing University systems and resources and we appreciate the diligence, cooperation, and assistance of those who use University IT resources.  

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