Frequently Asked Questions

Whom should I contact about my budget accounts?

Budget Contact Information
Index Contact Office
2, 3, 4

Financial Planning & Analysis


Grants and Contracts


Accounting Office

What is my base budget?

Base budget is a calculated field:

Adopted Budget + Budget Adjustment – Temporary Budget = Base Budget

How do I determine what budget revision form is needed? How do I submit the revision?

Budget Revision Forms
  Forms When to Use? Submitted via Paper (PDF) or Online
Finance Permanent Budget Adjustment BD02 (Base) Permanent changes or charges that will be recurring yearly or monthly Paper (PDF)
Temporary Budget Adjustment BD04 (Current Year) Temporary changes or charges that are a one-time charge Banner SSB (Online) UNLESS revenue, carryforward, or transfers between funds
Positions NBAPBUD Permanent Position Budget Adjustment BD02 (Base) Base position changes Paper (PDF)
Temporary Position Budget Adjustment BD04 (Current Year) Current year position changes Banner SSB (Online) UNLESS regular positions (account codes: 61110, 61210, 61310, 61312, 61610, 61630, 61635)

How do I prepare revenue budget revisions?

All revenue budget revisions must be submitted on paper (PDF). If possible, round revenue budget amount(s) to nearest 100s. Include a detailed explanation in the reason section of the budget revision. THEC budget reporting requires explanations for all revenue changes. Consult Report FYBR001 (Revenue Budget Estimate / Worksheet by Organization) in Banner Finance ePrint for revenue information.

When do I submit a carryforward budget revision?

In September, after the Accounting Office has completed Year-End. 

I don't have access to Banner Finance. What do I need to do?

Complete the System Access form to obtain access to Banner Finance and Banner Human Resources. Training is available through Learning Curve. Both the System Access form and Learning Curve are available on the Banner Finance Program Guide, Banner HR Program Guide, or the myMemphis Portal.

I created several Banner Finance online budget revisions. How can I tell if the revisions have been approved?

To obtain a listing of current year budget revisions that you have created:

  • Access Self Service Banner Finance.
  • Select View Document and select document type from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Document Number. This will take you to the document lookup page. You can execute a query by user ID, activity date, or transaction date.
  • A list of pending documents will be displayed. Click on the Document Number to view the document and click on Approval History to view approvals. 

Why will the system not allow me to modify an online budget revision?

Once Banner Finance has given a Document Number you cannot make any changes to the document.

What does Rule Class Code mean in Banner Finance?

Finance rule class codes are packets of posting instructions to control the processing of transactions. The four-character Rule Class Codes are delivered with Banner. The three-character Rule Class Codes are UoM created. 

Can I transfer funds from a Grant account to an E&G departmental account?

Grant accounts are fund codes beginning with ‘2’ and are restricted. E&G departmental accounts are fund codes beginning with ‘1’ and are unrestricted. Budget transfers between restricted and unrestricted are not allowed. 

Can I transfer funds from an Auxiliary account to an E&G departmental account?

Auxiliary accounts are fund codes beginning with ‘3’ and are maintained and reported separately. E&G departmental accounts are fund codes beginning with ‘1’ and are unrestricted. Budget transfers between auxiliary and unrestricted are not allowed.