Faculty Picture

Fernanda Botelho

Professor; Director of Graduate Studies and Graduate Coordinator (Mathematics)

Dunn Hall 363

Research Interests

Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, and Topics from Dynamical Systems

Selection of Recent Publications

"Surjective Isometries and Hermitian Operators on Zygmund spaces" F. Botelho, Canadian Math Bulletin (2015). http://dx.doi.org/10.4153/CMB-2014-071-5

"Algebraic and Invariance Properties of the Group of Isometries" F. Botelho and J. Jamison, Linear Algebra and Its Applications 531-543 (2015). DOI information: 10.1016/j.laa.2014.12.018

"Hermitian operators on Banach algebras of Lipschitz functions" F. Botelho, J. Jamison, A. Jimnez-Vargas and M. Villegas-Vallecillos, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 142-10 3469-3481 (2014).

"Representation of generalized bi-circular projections on Banach spaces" A.B. Abubaker, F. Botelho and J. Jamison, Acta Scientarium Mathematicarum (Szeged) 80 591-601 (2014). Doi:10.14232/actasm-012-060-2

"Surjectives Isometries on Grassman spaces" F. Botelho, J. Jamison and L. Molnár, Journal of Functional Analysis 265:10, 2226-2238 (2013).

"Hermitian operators on Lipschitz function spaces" F. Botelho, J. Jamison, A. Jimenez-Vargas and M. Villegas-Vallecillos, Studia Mathematica 215:2, 127-137 (2013).

"Stability behavior for unsupervised learning" F. Botelho and A. Davis, Phys. D 243, 111-115 (2013).