Undergraduate Programs & Resources

The department of mathematical sciences offers the following undergraduate degree programs.

See Advising Page for instructions on how to declare a major or 2nd major.

Students can also apply for an Accelerated Bachelor/Masters (ABM) program that allows for the completion of both a BS and MS in Mathematics in 5 years.

The Department also has an active Honor's Program.

What can you do with a degree in mathematical sciences?

  • BS, MS, and PhD with a mathematics concentration, see answers from AMS, MAA, and OOH.
  • BS, MS, and PhD with statistics concentration, see answers from ASA, OOH, and Salaries.
  • BS with concentration in actuarial science, see answers from SOA, beanactuary.org, and OOH.
  • BS, MS with teaching mathematics concentration, see answers from NCTM and OOH.
  • For those wanting to pursue a career in academia, see answers from OOH in addition to sites above.

Mathematicians and statisticians were ranked in top 3 best jobs in 2014.