DaleThe faculty, students, and staff of The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Memphis express deep sorrow upon learning of the untimely passing of our esteemed colleague, friend, and mentor, Professor Dale Bowman. Dale was an extraordinarily energetic scholar, mentor, and teacher.

Her contributions to the field of statistics were remarkable, reflected in the publication of her research papers in esteemed national and international journals. As a mentor, she nurtured numerous Master's and PhD students, many of whom have gone on to pursue successful careers in prestigious research institutions and governmental laboratories. Her research endeavors were supported by prominent funding agencies such as NSF and NIH.

Dale's warmth and expertise endeared her to colleagues both within and beyond the University of Memphis community. Dale will be sorely and profoundly missed. May her gentle soul find eternal peace.




Recent 2024 rankings of Math Departments: 

  • The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Memphis is ranked #37 nationally and #79 Worldwide on ScholarGPS.com.
  • The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Memphis is ranked # 50 nationally and # 112 worldwide on Research.com.

Recognitions and Achievements

  • Bentuo Zheng and Ching-Chi Yang and Rahul Pandey (from the Department of Supply Chain at UofM) were awarded an internal award from UofM's Next Generation Supply Chain Technologies and Innovation Challenge for their collaborative project titled "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions for Supply Chain Risk Management: A Data-Driven Approach."
  • UofM Mathematics is one of the leading research departments in the nation (Click here for more details).
  • Bentuo Zheng has received the GSA Award for Mentorship and Professor Recognition. This accolade acknowledges professors nominated by students for their ongoing dedication to teaching and mentoring throughout the academic year.
  • Irena Lasiecka, Distinguished University Professor from the Department of Mathematical Sciences, presented the lecture "Can we control oscillations in flow structure interactions?" at UAH Shelby Center for Science and Technology in Huntsville on February 29, 2024. The event, part of the Women in Science Distinguished Guest Speaker Series, attracted over 100 participants. Click the link for more details.
  • MEMPHIS, Tenn: 8 faculty members from the Department of Mathematical Sciences were recognized in this year’s Research Celebration 2024. Here are the categories our faculties received the recognition.
  • Research Ecosystem -  Co-Investigators: E. Olúṣẹ́gun George and Roberto Triggiani.
  • Mikhelle Taylor was also commended for her work on the Preaward Office.
  • FY 23 Communities of Research Scholars: This was created to cultivate interdisciplinary discourse and nurture the growth of collaborative research across UofM. Alistair Windsor was recognized for his project with IIS "The language of science implications for teaching and learning".
  • FY 2023 Principal Investigators:
  • TOP Faculty by SCOPUS H -index.  A total of 20 faculties were recognized. From the Department of Mathematical Sciences:
  • Google Scholar Highly Cited Authors. A total of 20 faculties were recognized. From the Department of Mathematical Sciences:
    • Irena Lasiecka: 20,617
      Remark: Two additional members from the DMS should be added to this list: Béla Bollobás and Roberto Triggiani have Google citation counts surpassing some of those mentioned in the Research Celebration brochure. Due to being affiliated with institutions different from UofM, their Google Scholar citations are not currently associated with the UofM. To show solidarity with the University, it is recommended that they link their accounts with the UofM.
  • Book Publications: George Anastassiou is one of the authors listed on this link.

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New scholarships and existing scholarships

(NEW)  Faudree Scholars in Math (for Ph.D. students)

We're thrilled to announce that the Math Department has just received the endowed scholarship for Ph.D. students in Math, with a special focus on combinatorics, courtesy of the generous Ms. Patricia Faudree. This scholarship is an additional perk to the existing stipend offered by the Department, currently at $21,000 post-qualification exams as of 2024. The primary goal is to enhance our efforts in attracting top Ph.D. students.

Please take note of this excellent opportunity when encouraging strong applicants to apply for PhD program in Mathematics. The first two students to receive this additional support should have a focus on combinatorics, afterward with a preference for students studying combinatorics. The inaugural scholarship award, starting at a minimum of $5,000 per year, will be granted in the Fall of 2024. As we move into the second year and beyond, two students will be selected annually, each receiving a minimum of $5,000.

The Dr. Karen E. Chancellor Memorial Scholarship Endowment (for students in the Accelerated Baccalaureate Master program)

Karen Chancellor

The Scholarship will provide partial support for ABM students in their final year of the program. Students will be able to apply for the Karen Chancellor Memorial Scholarship from November 2023 through February 2024 in the Tiger Scholarship Manager system. The Department wishes to express heartfelt thanks of gratitude to Ms. Carol Chancellor for her generous gift in memory of her sister Karen, which will truly enhance the ABM program in DMS.

The Dr. Karen E. Chancellor Memorial Scholarship was established by her sister, Carol Chancellor. Dr. Chancellor (BA “80; MS ’80) served as Shelby County’s medical examiner for nearly 14 years before her tragic death on Sept. 10, 2021, following a car crash. At an early age, Dr. Chancellor demonstrated a penchant for the scholarship. After graduating from Overton High School in Memphis, she became of the first students to graduate from the University of Memphis with an undergraduate and a master’s degrees at the same time. She later earned a medical degree from Duke University School of Medicine. In 2012, Dr. Chancellor was awarded the University of Memphis Outstanding Alumna Award. This scholarship will be awarded to full-time students enrolled in their second year of the Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Program in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Jamie McMahan Scholarship in Math (for undergraduate students)

Math Department has received a generous endowed gift, the Jamie McMahan Scholarship in Math. This scholarship is for undergraduate students with financial needs majoring in Math.
A minimum of a 3.0 GPA  is required.

New Concentration in Actuarial Science!

In addition to concentrations in Mathematics, Applied Statistics, and Data Science, the Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a concentration in Actuarial Sciences now (2023). This concentration prepares students with the requisite knowledge of mathematics, applied statistics, probability, accounting, and finance needed for a career in risk assessment and quantification in the insurance industry, where median salaries are over $100K according to U.S.News.


The Math Learning Center has moved to Dunn Hall 341 (the old Math Library).

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is happy to announce the return of our Weekly Colloquium Series, with the fall schedule coming soon. Please check the departmental calendar for further information.

Plenary Talks/Invited course lectures by the DMS Faculty
The Faculty of the DMS is actively involved in cutting-edge research in the mathematical sciences. This is reflected by the several high-visibility, invited talks and course lectures presented worldwide. Some of the keynote talks and lectures recently delivered/to be soon delivered by the DMS Faculty are given. Follow our departmental calendar for updates!

The Combinatorics Group is rebooting our Combinatorics Seminar. We're planning on having one soon in the Combinatorics Seminar Room on the 2nd floor of Dunn Hall. The Ralph Faudree Postdoc, Chao Liu, will give the talk, Titled: The Multiplicative Properties for Zero-Sums. Abstract: In this talk, we will present recent joint work in Zero-Sum Theory by David J. Grynkiewicz and Chao Liu. We investigate the multiplicative properties for Zero-Sums on finite abelian groups of rank 2, which allows us to establish the structures for the extremal sequences that do not contain nontrivial zero-sum subsequences of the relevant short lengths.

Awards and Recognition

The Paul Erdős Professorship in Mathematics

Photo of Paul Erdos

The Paul Erdős Professorship in Mathematics is the most prestigious departmental faculty award on campus, designed to recognize and support tenure faculty within the department who have made outstanding contributions in teaching, scholarship, service, community outreach, and engaged research at the University of Memphis. The award is named after the legendary mathematician Paul Erdős (26 March 1913 – 20 September 1996), a Hungarian mathematician who published more papers than any other mathematician in history. He worked on problems in combinatorics, graph theory, number theory, classical analysis, approximation theory, set theory and probability theory. He collaborated with many other mathematicians, including several at the University of Memphis: Bela Bollobás, Cecil Rousseau, Richard Schelp, and Ralph Faudree. Paul Erdős visited the University of Memphis frequently from the mid 1970s until his death, bringing distinction to the mathematics department at the University, and his influence continues to make its mark on the department.

The creation of the Paul Erdős Professorship was spearheaded by then provost Dr. Ralph Faudree. While multiple donors have given to make this endowment possible, a special thanks goes to both the late T. George Traicoff and the late Cecil Rousseau. Their generosity has ensured that the Department has a lasting legacy to a special friend in Paul Erdos, while also helping to reward and retain its brightest faculty.