George AnastassiouGeorge Anastassiou, Professor
Email: ganastss@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 200
Phone: 901.678.3144
Research Interests: Computational analysis, approximation theory, probability, theory of moments

Bela BollobasBéla Bollobás, Professor; Chair of Excellence
Email: bollobas@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 243
Phone: 901.678.5610
Research Interests: Extremal and probabilistic combinatorics, random disordered systems, random cellular automata

Fernanda BotelhoFernanda Botelho, Professor; Emeritus
Email: mbotelho@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 363
Research Interests: Functional Analysis, Operator Theory

Dale BowmanDale Bowman, Associate Professor
Email: ddbowman@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 357
Research Interests: Applied statistics

James T. CampbellJames T. Campbell, Professor; Emeritus
Email: jcampbll@memphis.edu
Research Interests: Ergodic theory, complex dynamics.

Hongqiu ChenHongqiu Chen, Professor
Email: hchen1@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 365
Research Interests: Partial differential equations and fluid mechanics

Maarten De BoeckMaarten De Boeck, Assistant Professor
Email: mdeboeck@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 345
Research Interests: Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Lih-Yuan DengLih-Yuan Deng, Professor
Email: lihdeng@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 219
Phone: 901.678.3134
Research Interests: Random number generation, simulation

E. Olusegun GeorgeE. Olúṣẹ́gun George, Professor; Graduate Coordinator (Statistics)
Email: eogeorge@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 229
Phone: 901.678.5088
Research Interests: Modeling and analysis of clustered data, Bayesian procedures in bioinformatics and meta-analysis

Gisele GoldsteinGisèle Goldstein, Professor
Email: ggoldste@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 337
Phone: 901.678.2513
Research Interests: Mathematical physics, continuum mechanics, financial mathematics, quantum mechanical density functional theory, applied analysis and partial differential equations

Jerome GoldsteinJerome Goldstein, Professor
Email: jgoldste@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 343
Phone: 901.678.2484
Research Interests: Linear and nonlinear PDE, operator theory, stochastic processes, mathematical physics, classical analysis, applied analysis, financial mathematics

David GrynkiewiczDavid Grynkiewicz, Associate Chair
Email: djgrynkw@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 367
Phone: 901.678.1140
Research Interests: Additive Combinatorics, Combinatorial Number Theory, Additive Number Theory, Extremal Combinatorics

John HaddockJohn Haddock, Emeritus Professor
Email: jhaddock@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 372
Phone: 901.678.2496
Research Interests: Ordinary and functional differential equations, STEM Education

Thomas HagenThomas Hagen, Professor
Email: thagen@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 237
Phone: 901.678.2481
Research Interests: Applied analysis, partial differential equations, dynamical systems, fluid mechanics.

Anna KaminskaAnna Kamińska, Professor
Email: kaminska@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 239
Phone: 901.678.2494
Research Interests: Functional analysis, Banach spaces, function spaces

Robert KozmaRobert Kozma, Emeritus Professor
Email: rkozma@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 202
Phone: 901.678.2497
Research Interests: Applied mathematics, optimization and learning theory, dynamical systems

Irena LasieckaIrena Lasiecka, Distinguished University Professor; Chair
Email: lasiecka@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 373
Research Interests: Applied Mathematics, PDE's and related control theory

Pei-Kee LinPei-Kee Lin, Professor
Email: pklin@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 241
Phone: 901.678.3143
Research Interests: Functional analysis, nonlinear analysis

Ben McCartyBen McCarty, Associate Professor; Undergraduate Coordinator
Email: bmmccrt1@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 235
Research Interests: Math education, low-dimensional topology

Randall McCutcheonRandall McCutcheon, Professor
Email: rmcctchn@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 347
Phone: 901.678.2693
Research Interests: Ergodic Ramsey theory

Majid NorooziMajid Noroozi, Assistant Professor
Email: mnoroozi@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 213 
Phone: 901.678.2493 
Research Interests: Network Models and Clustering Methods

Roberto TriggianiRoberto Triggiani, Distinguished University Professor
Email: rtrggani@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 329
Phone: 901.678.1346
Research Interests: Control Theory, Partial Differential Equations

Mate WierdlMáté Wierdl, Professor
Email: mwierdl@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 369
Research Interests: Ergodic theory, almost everywhere convergence, number theory, foundations of thermodynamics

Alistair WindsorAlistair Windsor, Associate Professor; Director, Institute for Intelligent Systems
Email: awindsor@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 355
Research Interests: Dynamical systems and ergodic theory

Ching-Chi YangChing-Chi Yang, Assistant Professor
Email: cyang3@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 378
Research Interests: dimensional analysis, interval data, response surface methodology

Bentuo ZhengBentuo Zheng, Professor; Graduate Coordinator (Mathematics)
Email: bzheng@memphis.edu
Office: Dunn Hall 359
Phone: 901.678.3534
Research Interests: Functional analysis