Let's Talk Request

"Let's Talk" is a new program aimed at facilitating responses to social incidents that disrupt or challenge the learning environment at UofM. The program offers a way for any UofM student, faculty, or staff to request university involvement and support. When you submit a request, the Let's Talk team evaluates the request and determines a timely, fitting response to help our whole campus community.

A social incident is an event that affects the whole university community or a significant portion of it. Examples of typical events this program will address include hate crimes or speech (especially of a widely-publicized nature), political issues including state and federal legislation, judicial decisions with broad social impact, or the aftermath to local, national, or world tragedies like terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

Please note: This is not a first response program for a campus emergency or the place to report crimes. Also, Let's Talk typically does not address individual or small-scale personal conflicts, assist in organizing student activism like protests, or problem shoot classroom disruptions and worries. For any of the foregoing concerns view Submit a Report/Concern.