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"To work with a non-profit organization that will allow me to utilize my servant leadership skills and caring ability to further enhance the socioeconomic needs of both domestic and foreign citizens."

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"Continue to positively impact American education so every student recieves optimal teaching and learning, every day."

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Phone: 901.678.3067, FAX: 901.678.4831
Home Page:www.memphis.edu/cas
E-mail: rkreuz@memphis.edu
107 Scates Hall
Thomas Nenon, PhD, Dean
Roger Kreuz, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies -- 901.678.3372

Department of Anthropology
Phone: 901.678.2080, FAX: 901.678.2069
Home Page: anthropology.memphis.edu
E-mail: kahicks2@memphis.edu
316 Manning Hall 
Ruthbeth Finerman, Ph.D., Chair
Kathryn Hicks, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.3328

Home Page: www.memphis.edu/bioinformatics
E-mail: rhomayon@memphis.edu
429 Smith Hall
Ramin Homayouni, PhD, Director and Program Director -- 901.678.1670

Department of Biological Sciences
Phone: 901.678.2581, FAX: 901.678.0173
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/biology
E-mail: grad_studies_coordinator@memphis.edu
201 Life Sciences
Randall Bayer, PhD, Chair
Charles Lessman, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.2963

Department of Chemistry
Phone: 901.678.2622, FAX: 901.678.3447
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/chem
E-mail: psimone@memphis.edu
213 Smith Chemistry
Gary Emmert, PhD, Chair
Paul Simone, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.3671

Department of City and Regional Planning, School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy
Phone: 901.678.2161, Fax: 901.678.4162
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/planning/
E-mail: planning@memphis.edu
208 McCord Hall
Charles Santo, PhD, Chair and Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.3566

Department of Computer Science
Phone: 901.678.5465, Fax: 901.678.1506
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/cs
E-mail: info@cs.memphis.edu
375 Dunn Hall
Lan Wang, PhD, Chair -- 901.678.2727
Vasile Rus, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.5259

Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy
Phone: 901.678.2737, FAX: 901.678.5279
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/cjustice
311 McCord Hall 
K. B. Turner, PhD, Chair
E-mail: kbturner@memphis.edu
Bert Burraston, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator
Email: bbrrston@memphis.edu

Department of Earth Sciences
Phone: 901.678.2177, FAX: 901.678.2178
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/earthsciences
107 Johnson Hall 
Daniel Larsen, PhD, Chair
Randel T. Cox, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.4361
E-mail: randycox@memphis.edu

Center for Earthquake Research & Information
Phone: 901.678.2007, FAX: 901.678.4734
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/ceri
E-mail: capowell@memphis.edu
3890 Central Ave
Charles Langston, PhD, Director 
Christine Powell, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.8455

Department of English
Phone: 901.678.2651, FAX: 901.678.2226
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/english
E-mail: ego@memphis.edu
467 Patterson Hall 
Joshua Phillips, PhD, Chair
Jeffrey Scraba, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.4768

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Phone: 901.678.2506, FAX: 901.678.5338
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/fl
E-mail: fburgos@memphis.edu
108 Jones Hall
William Thompson, PhD, Chair
Fernando Burgos, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.3158
Denis D. Grele, PhD,Graduate Advisor of French -- 901.678.3150

Department of History
Phone: 901.678.2515, FAX: 901.678.2720
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/history
E-mail: dunowsky@memphis.edu
219 Mitchell Hall 
Aram Goudsouzian, PhD, Chair
Daniel Unowsky, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.3385

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Phone: 901.678.2482, FAX: 901.678.2480
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/msci
E-mail: (Mathematics): mbotelho@memphis.edu
373 Winfield Dunn Hall 
Irena Lasiecka, PhD, Chair
Fernanda Botelho, PhD, Mathematics Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.3131
E. O. George, PhD Statistics Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.5088

Department of Philosophy
Phone: 901.678.2535, FAX: 901.678.4365
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/philosophy
E-mail: philosophy@memphis.edu
327 Clement Hall 
Stephan Blatti, PhD, Interim Chair -- 901.678.4289
Mary Beth Mader, PhD, Graduate Admissions Director -- 901.678.4526
Timothy Roche, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.4365

Department of Physics and Materials Science
Phone: 901.678.2410, FAX: 901.678.4733
Home Page: physics.memphis.edu
E-mail:  srmishra@memphis.edu
216 Manning Hall 
Jingbiao Cui, PhD, Chair
Sanjay Mishra, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.3115

Department of Political Science
Phone: 901.678.2395, FAX: 901.678.2983
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/polisci
E-mail: askykndl@memphis.edu
437 Clement Hall 
Matthias Kaelberer, PhD, Department Chair
Nicole Detraz, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.2395
Eric Groenendyk, PhD, Graduate Recruiting Coordinator -- 901.678.3462

Department of Psychology
Phone: 901.678.2145, FAX: 901.678.2579
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/psychology
E-mail: cywshngt@memphis.edu
202 Psychology Building 
Frank Andrasik, PhD, Chair
Robert Cohen, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.4679

Department of Public and Non-Profit Administration, School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy
Phone: 901.678.3360; FAX 901.678.2981
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/padm
Email: mpa@memphis.edu
124 McCord Hall 
Michael Howell-Moroney, PhD, Chair
Sharon Wrobel, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.4720
Jason Sonnenfelt, Admissions and Online Programs Coordinator -- 901.678.2981

Department of Sociology

Phone: 901.678.2611, FAX: 901.678.2525
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/sociology
E-mail: wljames1@memphis.edu
231 Clement Hall 
Jeni Loftus, PhD, Interim Chair
Wesley James, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.1631

Department of Social Work
Phone: 901.678.2616; FAX: 901.678.2981
Home Page:  www.memphis.edu/socialwork
Susan Neely-Barnes, PhD, Interim Chair
Email:  snlybrns@memphis.edu
Elena Delavega, PhD, MSW Program Coordinator -- 901.678.3270
Email: mdlavega@memphis.edu
Cherry Malone, MSW Admissions Coordinator -- 901.678.3515
Email: ccmalone@memphis.edu


Phone: 901.678.2432, FAX: 901.678.3759
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/fcbe
Rajiv Grover, PhD, Dean -- 901.678.3633
Lloyd Brooks, EdD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs -- 901.678.4620
Thomas Miller, PhD, Associate Dean for Administration -- 901.678.4653
Balaji Krishnan, Director, MBA Programs -- 901.678.2786
Ashley Holloway, Ph.D. Program Admission -- 901.678.3656
Dynisha Brown-Woods, Manager, EMBA Program -- 901.678.5280
Marja Martin, Professional MBA and Online MBA Advisor -- 901.678.3405
Anna Myers, CDMBA & International MBA Advisor -- 901.678.3442

School of Accountancy
Phone: 901.678.4569, FAX: 901.678.4282
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/accountancy
200 Fogelman Administration
Kenton Walker, PhD, Director
James Lukawitz, PhD, Master's Program Coordinator -- 901.678.3030
Zabihallah Rezaee, PhD, PhD Program Coordinator -- 901.678.4569

Department of Economics
Phone: 901.678.2785, FAX: 901.678.5380
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/economics
400 Fogelman Administration
William Smith, PhD, Chair
Andrew Hussey, PhD, Master's Program Coordinator -- 901.678.1487
Albert Okunade, PhD, PhD Program Coordinator -- 901.678.2672

Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
Phone: 901.678.5930, FAX: 901.678.4705
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/finance
402 Fogelman Administration
P.K. Jain, PhD, Interim Chair
Leslie Mathis, Finance Master's Program Coordinator -- 901.678.4642
Thomas H. McInish, PhD, Finance PhD Program Coordinator -- 901.678.5930

Department of Management
Phone: 901.678.4551, FAX: 901.678.4705
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/management
202 Fogelman Administration
Charles A. (Chuck) Pierce, PhD, Chair
Francis Fabian, PhD, PhD Program Coordinator -- 901.678.2851

Department of Business Information and Technology 
Phone: 901.678.4613, FAX: 901.678.4705
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/bitm
300 Fogelman Administration
Robin Poston, PhD, Chair
Sandra Richardson, PhD, Master's Program Coordinator -- 901.678.4614
Chen Zhang, PhD, PhD Program Coordinator -- 901.678.5671

Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Phone: (901) 678-2667, FAX: 901.678.4151
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/marketing
Marla Royne Stafford, PhD, Chair
Daniel Sherrell, PhD, PhD Program Coordinator -- 901.678.4552


Phone: 901.678.2350, FAX: 901.678.5118
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/ccfa
E-mail: jpage2@memphis.edu
Moira Logan, MFA, Interim Dean -- 901.678.2350
Janet Page, PhD, Interim Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Studies -- 901.678.3764

Department of Architecture
Phone: 901.678.2724, FAX: 901.678.1755
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/architecture
E-mail: sbrynhgg@memphis.edu
404 Jones Hall 
Michael D. Hagge, MArch, MCRP, Chair
Sherry Bryan, MArch, Coordinator of Graduate Studies -- 901.678.3302

Department of Art
Phone: 901.678.2216, FAX: 901.678.2735
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/art
E-mail: bbobick@memphis.edu
200 Art and Communication Building
Richard Lou, MFA, Chair
Bryna Bobick, EdD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.1472
Fred Albertson, PhD, Art History Graduate Advisor -- 901.678.2941

Art Museum
Phone: 901.678.2224, FAX: 901.678.5118
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/amum
E-mail: artmuseum@memphis.edu
142 Communication and Fine Arts Building
Leslie Luebbers, PhD, Director and Coordinator -- 901.678.2224
Graduate Certificate Program in Museum Studies
E-mail: lluebbrs@memphis.edu

Department of Communication
Phone: 901.678.2565, FAX: 901.678.4331
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/communication
E-mail:  commdept@memphis.edu
212 Art and Communication Building
Leroy G. Dorsey, PhD, Chair
Antonio D. Velasco, DMA, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.3185

Department of Journalism and Strategic Media
Phone: 901.678.2401, FAX: 901.678.4287
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/jrsm/
E-mail: thrach@memphis.edu
300 Meeman Journalism 
David Arant, PhD, Chair
Thomas Hrach, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.4779

Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Phone: 901.678.2541, FAX: 901.678.3096
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/music/index.php
E-mail: dspencer@memphis.edu
123 Music Building
John Chiego, MM, Director
Dave Spencer, PhD, Assistant Director for Graduate Studies -- 901.678.3779

Department of Theatre and Dance
Phone: 901.678.2523, FAX: 901.678.1350
Home Page: http://www.memphis.edu/theatre
E-mail: theatre@memphis.edu
143 Theatre Building
Holly Lau, MFA, Chair
Janice Benning Lacek, MFA, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.3188


Phone: 901.678.4265, FAX: 901.678.4778
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/cehhs
Email: slease@memphis.edu
Dr. Ernest Rakow, PhD, Interim Dean -- 901.678.2399
Suzanne Lease, PhD, Interim Assistant Dean of Education for Graduate Programs -- 901.678.4476

Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research
Phone: 901.678.2841, FAX: 901.678.5114
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/cepr
100 Ball Hall 
Steve West, PhD, Chair -- 901.678.2841
Pam Cogdal, PhD, Counseling Program Director -- 901.678.4931 pcogdal@memphis.edu, 100B Ball Hall
Eraina Schauss, PhD, Clinical Mental Health Program Coordinator -- 901.678.3347 eschauss@memphis.edu, 304D Ball Hall
Sara Bridges, PhD, Counseling Psychology Coordinator -- 901.678.2081 sbridges@memphis.edu, 304C Ball Hall
Christian E. Mueller, PhD, Educational Psychology Coordinator -- 901.678.4392 cemuellr@memphis.edu, 303B Ball Hall
Yonghong Jade Xu, PhD, Educational Research Coordinator -- 901.678.5026 yxu@memphis.edu, 300C Ball Hall

Department of Instruction and Curriculum Leadership
Phone: 901.678.2365, FAX: 901.678.3881
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/icl
E-Mail: icl-graduate-studies@memphis.edu
404 Ball Hall 
Angiline Powell, PhD, Interim Chair
James Meindl, PhD, Director of Graduate Programs -- 901.678.3310
Shelby Tate, Academic Service Associate -- 901.678.3921

Department of Leadership
Phone: 901.678.2369, FAX: 901.678.0505
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/lead
123 Ball Hall 
Reginald L. Green, PhD, Interim Chair and Coordinator of Graduate Studies (Leadership and Policy Studies)
Phone: 901.678.3445
E-mail: rlgreen1@memphis.edu

Jeffery Wilson, PhD,Graduate Studies Coordinator (Higher and Adult Education)
Phone: 901.678.3428
E-mail: jlwlson4@memphis.edu
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/cshe/


Phone: 901.678.2171, FAX: 901.678.4180
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/herff
E-mail: whaggrd1@memphis.edu
202B Engineering Administration Building 
Richard Sweigard, PhD, Dean
Warren Haggard, PhD, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies -- 901.678.2071

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Phone: 901.678.3733, FAX: 901.678.5281
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/bme/index
E-mail: adejongh@memphis.edu
330 Engineering Technology 
Eugene Eckstein, PhD, Chair
Amy de Jongh Curry, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.2017

Department of Civil Engineering
Phone: 901.678.2746, FAX: 901.678.3026
Home Page: www.ce.memphis.edu
E-mail: rwmeier@memphis.edu
104 Engineering Science 
Shahram Pezeshk, PhD, Interim Chair
Roger W. Meier, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.3284

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phone: 901.678.2175, FAX: 901.678.5469
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/eece
E-mail: alrobins@memphis.edu
206 Engineering Science 
Russell J. Deaton, PhD, Chair
Aaron Robinson, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.4996

Department of Engineering Technology
Phone: 901.678.2225, FAX: 901.678.5145
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/et/index
E-mail: crwillia@memphis.edu
203 Engineering Technology 
Scott Southall, MS, Chair
Carl R. Williams, MS, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.2225

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 901.678.2173, FAX: 901.678.3980
Home Page: www.me.memphis.edu
E-mail: ttan@memphis.edu
312 Engineering Science 
Sumanta Acharya, PhD, Chair
Teong Tan, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.2701

Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality and Resort Management

Phone: 901.678.2962 Fax: 901.678.0034
Homepage: www.memphis.edu/wilson
E-mail: mcllahan@memphis.edu
3700 Central Avenue, Suite 140
Radesh Palakurthi, PhD, Director and Hospitality Management MALS Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.3430
Tim Ryan, PhD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.5003


Phone: 901.678.2003, FAX: 901.678.4906
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/nursing
E-Mail: sntaylr1@memphis.edu
2502 Community Health Bldg 
Lin Zhan, PhD, Dean
Shirleatha Lee, PhD, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Programs -- 901.678.2036
Gayle Shiba, PhD, Director of MSN Program -- 901.678.3100


Phone: 901.678.5800, FAX: 901.525.1282
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/csd
E-mail: admissionscsd@memphis.edu
4055 North Park Loop, Memphis, TN 38152
Linda D. Jarmulowicz, PhD, Interim Dean -- 901.678.5800
Lisa Lucks Mendel, PhD, Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Studies -- 901.678.5865

School of Health Studies

Phone: 901.678.4316, FAX: 901.678.3591
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/shs
E-mail: lweiss@memphis.edu
106 Elma Roane Field House
Richard J. Bloomer, PhD, Chair
Lawrence Weiss, EdD, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.4648
Ruth Williams-Hooker, EdD, Coordinator, Clinical Nutrition program -- 901.678.3108


Phone: 901.678.4501, FAX: 901.678.0372
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/sph
236A Robinson Hall
Lisa Klesges, Ph.D., Dean
E-mail: mlevy@memphis.edu
Marian Levy, DrPH, RD, Interim Associate Dean & Director of Graduate Studies -- 901.678.4514

Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Phone: 901.678-2794, FAX: 901.678.1715
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/sph/programs/index.php
208 Robinson Hall
Ken Ward, PhD, Director
Satish Kedia, PhD, Doctoral Coordinator -- 901.678.1433

Division of Health Systems Management and Policy
Phone: 901.678.2794, FAX: 901.678.0383
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/sph/programs/index.php
132 Robinson Hall
Mark Hendricks, MHA, Director MHA Program
Dan Gentry, PhD, Doctoral Coordinator -- 901.678.3437

Division of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Environmental Health Science
Phone: 901.678.2794, FAX: 901.678.1715
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/sph/programs/index.php
208 Robinson Hall
James Gurney, PhD, Director
Fawaz Mzayek, MD, MPH, PhD, Doctoral Coordinator -- 901.678.1662

MPH and MHA Programs
Phone: 901.678.2982, FAX: 901.678.0383
Home Page: www.memphis.edu/sph/programs/index.php
116 Robinson Hall
Mark Hendricks, MHA, Director of Masters Programs -- 901.678.2982


Phone: 901.678.4056, FAX: 901.678.4049
Home Page: www.uc.memphis.edu
E-mail: cbchpell@memphis.edu
201 Brister Hall
Dan Lattimore, PhD, Dean
Colin Chapell, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.3066
Joanne Gikas, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.2683
Tiffany Johnson, Graduate Studies Coordinator -- 901.678.2153