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ServiceMaster Design and Innovation Ethnography Fellowship

ServiceMaster Design and Innovation Ethnography FellowshipDue to the efforts of Anthropology faculty member Keri Brondo, the College has a new partnership with a major employer in our community – the ServiceMaster Design and Innovation Ethnography Fellowship. This fellowship will support a student in the master's program in applied anthropology and will provide tuition and a stipend. The fellow will work with alumnus Kevin Newton (BA 2011, MS 2015, MA 2016), in The Experience Team within the ServiceMaster IT department. Learn more

"Businesses are beginning to embrace using ethnography – studying people in your own environment using participant observation and face-to-face interviews – to better understand and serve their clients. It's an emerging field nationwide and very exciting that businesses are turning to the UofM as partners in investing in this new field," said Tom Nenon, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. "We're very lucky to have companies like ServiceMaster who support the community and the students at the UofM. I'm grateful that an alumnus of the program helped create this new partnership."



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