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In response to a changing environment, the University has implemented a new policy, Policy UM1805 - Email Use.

Below are related FAQs.

What is changing?

With the publication of policy UM1805, the University of Memphis has clarified who is eligible to use electronic mail (email) on campus as well as appropriate uses for email. The University of Memphis provides University email for legitimate University-related activities only to current faculty, students, employees and certain guests. The policy references existing business processes regarding revocation of University email access when an individual's active affiliation ends. A schedule for revocation of access can be found on the IT Resource Access Termination Procedures page.

Why is this change being made?

Email services have fundamentally changed over time. Individuals frequently join the University with access to other email services (such as Google, Microsoft or Yahoo!) and no longer rely on the University to be their sole provider of email services. With the continued increase in cybersecurity threats and email exploits (such as phishing, malware, etc.), the potential for an email account to be compromised has increased. When an individual no longer has an active affiliation with the University, use of a University email account could allow an individual, intentionally or not, to misrepresent themselves as active representatives of the University. Implementation of this policy follows security best practices for revoking access of individuals who are no longer actively affiliated with the University.

How will this change impact me?

Current students, faculty, faculty emeritus, and employees will continue to have access to a University email account and other ITS services until their active affiliation ends (such as graduation, lapse in enrollment, termination, or retirement). Alumni and retirees who currently receive a University of Memphis email account will be able to transition to a new email service made available through the University Alumni Association, as outlined below.

When will access be revoked for various individuals?

For employees or students separating from the University, access to email will be revoked per the IT Resource Access Termination Procedures schedule. Alumni and retirees that currently have access to an account through the Alumni Association's Email365 benefit will retain access through June 26, 2017.

I joined the Alumni Association "Email365" program. Will I continue to have email access?

The Email365 benefit for Alumni Association members has changed. Members will have the opportunity to transition to an or account hosted through Gmail. Additional information can be found on the Alumni Association site

I was granted access to email by Human Resources upon my retirement. Will I continue to have email access?

No. Retirees that were granted sponsored retiree accounts will be given 60 days to transition to a new account effective April 26, 2017. Access will be removed on June 26, 2017. Current UofM Association of Retirees (UMAR) members will have the opportunity to transition to a or account. Retirees who are not currently members of UMAR will need to join UMAR to receive an or account. Additional information can be found on the Alumni Association site.

*Retirees with "emeritus" status will retain access to their accounts.

How can I provide feedback regarding the new policy?

Feedback regarding the policy may be submitted via the Information Technology Services suggestion box.

Additional Information

You can find additional email information on AskTom (PC, Mac, Mobile Devices, System Requirements