Our Wireless Campus

Your wireless network on campus, uofm, offers all the computing services that the wired network does. The wireless network offers the same fast and reliable data connection speeds of up to 54Mbps.

Who Can Use It?

All University of Memphis students, faculty, and staff with a UUID and password can log into the uofm wireless network.

What If I'm Not a Student, Staff, or Faculty Member?

Those without an active UUID and password can use the uofm-guest network.

Where Can I Use It?

All main campus, academic buildings, and dormitories have Wi-Fi capabilities. However, due to the aging infrastructure in some of our buildings, the Wi-Fi signal may be limited. If you have trouble accessing the Wi-Fi in a building, please report your experience to the ITS Service Desk at 678.8888.

What is SafeConnect?

The University of Memphis uses the SafeConnect product for our Network Access Control (NAC). This system helps in keeping our campus computer network secure. To access the uofm Network, you must use the SafeConnect client.

How Can I Get Started?

Note: Laptops and desktop computers also need to have anti-virus software installed and have an update for Windows activated. If these are not done, your computer will receive a warning message. After a 72-hour period you will not be allowed to connect.

  • Learn how to get access using your PC 

  • Learn how to get access using your Mac

  • Learn how to get access using your Mobile Device

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