Jun 27 - Thanks to Sam with Cognex, we have expanded our 2D Symbology Testing capabilities and have not only a new scanner for the mix, but the ability to also work with Dot Code... Thanks Cognex!!!

Dec 17 - Feig Electronic has generously provided the lab with one of their ID ISC.MR102-USB HF USB RFID readers, allowing the lab to ensure a well rounded RFID experience to its students.

Dec 9 - The Lab receives over 650 thousand RFID tags from Checkpoint Systems! Thanks Checkpoint! Here is the RFID 24/7 article about the donation.

Nov 10 - Paul Berge has developed a great visual of the consolidation within the AutoID landscape which can be found at the AIDC 100 website (here).

Nov 3 - Jamison RFID has helped to improve the RFID education of the students at the University of Memphis with the donation of a Thin Portal 78" RFID portal. With this portal, students will be able to better get a feel for how to overcome the challenges of reading tags at choke points.

June 27 - Label Vision Systems has once again shown their support of the lab by donating an INTEGRA 9510 desktop verifier and an INTEGRA 9580 portable verification system, ensuring that we are teaching with the most up to date equipment.

May 7 - FOX IV Technologies agrees to loan the lab one of their TwinPrint™ Print and Apply solutions. Fox IV Technologies, a label print and apply equipment and integration company, is an innovator in the bar code labeling industry. Press release can be found here.

May 7 - Seagull Scientific, makers of BarTender, donated a 3 printer Enterprise Automation edition of BarTender 10.1 to the lab.