Automatic identification (AutoID) is the collection of data without direct human intervention. Bar codes, radio frequency identification (RFID), magnetic strip (the back of your credit card), biometrics and smart cards are all types of AutoID. The AutoID Lab at the University of Memphis was started with the arrival of Dr. Kevin Berisso, who as a strong history in the AutoID field. Concentrating on helping companies and students with ALL of the AutoID technologies, the AutoID Lab's goal is to educate on and promote the use of the correct AutoID technology for a given problem. The lab views the various technologies as enabling technologies - a means to an end; not an end in and of itself.

AutoID Lab Vision

To be the premiere AutoID Lab in the country - the one place that people turn to for help with their AutoID projects and problems.

AutoID Lab Mission

The mission of the AutoID Lab is to educate students and industry on the selection and use of the various AutoID technologies through classes/workshops, technology transfer activities and university/industry partnerships.

The following is a partial listing of the equipment that the lab has. A majority of these pieces of equipment have come to us through the generosity of various companies - and to those who arranged for the donations we are extremely grateful.

  • Alien 9800 RFID readers (11 readers + antennas)
  • Alien 9900+ RFID reader
  • Alien 9650 RFID reader
  • Axicon linear verifier
  • CodeSoft 12 bar code printing software by Teklynx (3 seats)
  • Cognex DM8550 Direct Part Mark Reader
  • Intermec CK61 portable data terminals (hand held computers)
  • Jamison RFID Thin Portal
  • LVS 9505, 9580 & 9510 2D verifiers
  • Motorola XR-440 RFID reader
  • Motorola MC 9090-G handheld RFID readers (7 hand helds and chargers)
  • MTI RFID ME, READ ME and Mini Me RFID USB readers
  • Bartender software from Seagull Scientific
  • CodeSoft software from Teklynx
  • Zebra ZM400 thermal transfer printer