Lab personnel have been involved in the following AIDC related publications.

Peer-reviewed publications:

Berisso, K. (2018). "Reed-Solomon Based Bar Code Character Substitution Rates". Journal of Business and Management Sciences, 6(3).  (journal link)
Berisso, K. (2018). "DotCode Damage Testing". Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications, 6(1). (journal link)
Berisso, K. (2013). "Designer QR Codes; Ensuring the 'beep'" (white paper) (PDF)
Berisso, K. (2012). "Determining QR Code Sizes for Mobile Scanning." International Journal of Automated Identification Technology. Vol. 5(1).
Berisso, K. (2009). "Teaching an Applications-Based Radio Frequency Identification Class." the Technology Interface Journal, Fall, 2009, Vol.10(1). (PDF)
Matta, V., Berisso, K. & Brokaw, T. (2009). "Prototyping for the Holy Grail of RFID: Return on Investments." Issues in Information Systems, Vol. X,(2). (PDF)
Matta, V., Koonce, D. & Berisso, K. (2009). "Extending the Semantic Model of RFID functionality." Poster presented at the International Conference of Information Systems, WEB 2009 track in Phoenix, AZ. Won best poster award.
Berisso, K. (2007). "RFID in the Extreme Cold Chain" (white paper) (PDF)

Articles/publications related to the Lab:

Memphis RFID lab receives 650k RFID tags from Checkpoint Systems (RFID 24/7)
To Educate Students and the Industry on Improving Retail Supply Chain Visibility (Loss Prevention Magazine)
University Of Memphis' AutoID Lab Receives Significant RFID Tag Donation From Checkpoint Systems (Retail Solutions Online)