Working Together

The earlier you can involve us in your project, the more we can help. If you have a good idea of what you need but don't have any ideas on how to get there, we can work with you from concept development until the finished product is delivered. If you already know what you need, we still encourage you to work with us with an open mind and/or take advantage of all the resources available in our Marketing Toolkit.

Some crucial elements to think through before beginning any project are as follows:

  • Goals: Is the tactic absolutely necessary to achieve your goal? Does it justify the use of resources (yours and ours)?
  • Timing: In order to best help you, we need the proper time to be able to generate the work. Click here for planning timelines.
  • Audience: Identify your target audience/s and how to best reach each group.
  • Materials: Determine quantities of materials that will be needed.
  • Strategy: Define what sets your program or offering apart from the competitor.
  • Call to Action: What action do you want the audience to take?
  • Content: Do you have the copy/content you intend to use and has it been signed off on by your Dean/Department head?
  • Design Elements: Do you know what photos, if any you want to use?
  • Budget: Allocate funds for any production costs if applicable.
  • Effectiveness: Upon completion, how will you consider the overall effectiveness of your strategy and/or tactics?

From this base of information, we can work together to accomplish your goals. During an initial meeting, we'll work closely on building out a production schedule that will consist of the many stages of production, such as delivery of final and approved content, editing, design, estimate requests, delivery of concepts/proofs, pre-press work, and the proposed date.

Next Step:

Contact your marketing manager and complete a project request form.