What We Do

The Department of Marketing and Communications is dedicated to telling stories of how the UofM community is Driven by Doing, as well as managing the UofM brand through strategic internal and external communication and developing well integrated marketing and communication campaigns and strategies.

We're here to be a strategic partner, working with you to communicate your area's objectives in an appropriate manner to meet specific goals.

Demand requires that we accept projects according to the priorities listed below. We make every attempt to accept all projects, but in the case we are unable to because of competing priorities or a fully committed schedule, we will assist you in finding the correct resources or alternative way to produce your project. For this reason, we have created a Marketing Toolkit, providing tools and resources to help you complete your initiative.

Our priorities are as follows:

  1. Projects essential to the operation of the University
  2. Established University periodicals, such as The University of Memphis Magazine and The University of Memphis President's Report
  3. University-wide recruitment marketing materials
  4. Institutional advancement materials
  5. Recruitment publications for specific colleges or schools
  6. Recruitment publications for specific departments or programs
  7. Everything else

To view estimated project timelines, click here.