mHealth Lab Has Three Papers Accepted at UbiComp

Posted on 2015-09-29

The Mobile Health Systems Lab has had three full papers accepted to this year's prestigious ACM UbiComp conference.

"It is the first time that we have had 3 papers accepted at a top-tier conference in a single year," said lab director Prof. Santosh Kumar. "We will remember 2015 as a memorable year in our lab’s research journey."

Full citations for the papers are listed below:

  • N. Saleheen, A. A. Ali, S. M. Hossain, H. Sarker, S. Chatterjee, B. Marlin, E. Ertin, M. al’Absi, and S. Kumar. puffMarker: A Multi-sensor Approach for Pinpointing the Timing of First Lapse in Smoking Cessation, ACM UbiComp 2015. (pdf)
  • K. Hovsepian, M. al’Absi, E. Ertin, T. Kamarck, M. Nakajima, and S. Kumar. cStress: Towards a Gold Standard for Continuous Stress Assessment in the Mobile Environment, ACM UbiComp 2015. (pdf)
  • M. Sharmin, A. Raij, D. Epstein, I. Nahum-Shani, J. G. Beck, S. Vhaduri, K. Preston, and S. Kumar. Visualization of Time-Series Sensor Data to Inform the Design of Just-In-Time Adaptive Stress Interventions, ACM UbiComp 2015. (pdf)