University Libraries Display Policy

This policy applies to the Ned R. McWherter Library and all branch libraries.

Purpose: The University of Memphis Libraries will present displays and exhibitions to support its educational mission. Displays and exhibitions will highlight the diverse holdings of the Libraries, connect the Libraries' resources with current or historical events, and provide topical information related to events and activities in the Libraries, the University, and the region.

Content: Displays and exhibitions will have a clearly identifiable educational purpose and content, without advocating a specific political, religious or ideological doctrine. The Preservation and Special Collections Department, the Administration Department, and Government Publications will schedule and curate the majority of the displays and exhibitions. Other Libraries' departments are welcome to propose and plan appropriate displays in consultation with these departments and the final approval of the Dean of University Libraries.
Display locations:

  •  Window display case, fourth floor of McWherter Library outside Special Collections
  •  Display cases in the Rotunda
  •  Digital signage system in the Rotunda
  •  Exhibitions of digital materials on the Libraries' website
  •  Designated display areas in all branch libraries
  •  Additional physical and virtual spaces designated by Libraries' Administration

External displays: Displays and exhibitions from organizations outside of the University Libraries must support the educational mission of the University and Libraries. The Space Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Administration Department for approval. All inquiries should be addressed to Libraries Administration (Room 204, Ned R. McWherter Library, 901-678-2201).

Updated 4/17/2020