Faculty Profiles

University Libraries faculty are active in the field of librarianship as well as other disciplines. Libraries faculty publish scholarly resources, conduct and present research, secure grants, and collaborate on outreach with the University community and region. As experts in finding, using, evaluating, and producing informational resources, Libraries faculty are available for grant collaborationsresearch consultations and instructional sessions.
Brigitte Billeaudeaux
Karen Brunsting
Gerald Chaudron
Olivia Chin
Sofiya Dahman
Tiffany Day
John Evans
Sylverna Ford
Brighid Gonzales
Kenneth Haggerty
Caitlin Harrington
Carl Hess
April Hobbs
Jessica McClure
Elizabeth McDonald
Casey Parkman
Marie Peeples
Ashley Roach-Freiman
Joel Roberts
Bess Robinson
Perveen Rustomfram
Irma Singarella