What is the LiFE Journey?

UofM Global has collaborated with FedEx to provide eligible employees*  the benefit of higher education. This program, LiFE: Learning inspired by FedEx, is a unique opportunity for students of all education levels to earn a degree. The LiFE Journey takes you from enrollment to graduation. Each student's journey will be a little different, depending on prior knowledge, work experience, education experience and other factors. Your LiFE Coach will help map the best route for you.

*LiFE program currently available to the following eligible employees:

  • AGFS Hub Sort employees
  • All U.S.-based FedEx Logistics, Inc. and FedEx Trade Networks team members
  • All Memphis-based Supply Chain or Forward Depot employees
  • FedEx Freight employees

Additional employees may soon qualify for the program. Stay tuned for more information! Unsure of your eligibility? Please contact your supervisor to confirm.

LiFE Prep Academy

The LiFE Prep Academy will be the first step for those without a high school diploma or college entrance exam. It’s also the ideal starting point for anyone who started college but will still benefit from lower division credits. Or, it can be a refresher for anyone who hasn't taken a class in a while or is unsure about online classes.

Once you have successfully completed LiFE Prep Academy, you will continue your LiFE journey as a University of Memphis student.  Also, once you complete the Prep Academy, you automatically earn 12 college credit hours!

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Experience Evaluation

Your LiFE Coach will work with you to complete an experience evaluation then help you find the shortest path to completion. The UofM offers Experiential Learning Credit, a unique opportunity for students to petition for college credit for the knowledge, training and skills they have from previous work and life experience. This could include military service, FedEx provided training, professional development courses, volunteer or other unique life experiences. The CLEP (College Level Examination Program) provides the opportunity for you to take a test to earn course credit for specific classes. So, for example, if you pass the test for College Algebra, you will receive college credit for that class without having to take the course. These are great ways for you to reduce the number of classes you need to take, which will help you earn your degree quicker.

Enroll as a University of Memphis Student

Once you have successfully passed the Prep Academy and/or worked with your LiFE Coach to be admitted as a UofM student, you will begin taking classes to earn your degree. You may select any major offered fully-online by UofM Global. Not sure what major to choose? UofM Global has put together a degree program that's a great fit for FedEx employees and will provide you with a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership. All of the courses are online, and the course load will fit within the FedEx employee benefit program tuition allowance for each semester. Plus, taking the same courses as your co-workers will help provide you with additional support along the way!

What is Organizational Leadership?

Organizational Leadership helps students understand the nature of organizations and the basics of administrative leadership. It explores national and international, social and cultural issues faced by organizations. It promotes skills in formal and interpersonal communication in the workplace. It's designed to help you become an even better leader in your organization.

Associate's Degree Opportunity

LiFE students are eligible to earn an Associate Degree from Southwest Tennessee Community College. In order to earn this degree, you must be concurrently enrolled (6 hours; two classes) at UofM and STCC. Your LiFE Coach will assist with enrollment and registration at STCC. Upon completion, you will earn an Associate of Arts in General Studies. 

Become a College Graduate!

Once you successfully complete your degree program, you will officially be a graduate of the University of Memphis. This will change your life forever!

Many of our students have children and families that they support. By earning their college degrees, they're able to impact their family. As we know, the more you learn, the more you earn, so not only are college graduates able to better provide for themselves and families, they pass that desire to learn down to their children. They show them that with hard work, you can achieve anything. These are the lessons that can be passed down from generation to generation.


If you want to learn more and talk to your LiFE Coach, complete this form or contact lifebyglobal@memphis.edu or 844.302.3886.

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