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Management Information System program is a good fit in the tech world

Technology and Management: Keys to an MIS Program

Are you interested in using principles of information technology (IT) to help organizations make better business decisions? If so, and if you have a passion for learning new systems and processes, then a career in management information systems (MIS) may be right for you.

Read about the core technological concepts that are a part of the field of management information systems
Effective supply chain management is essential for any company's success

The Heart of Business Success: Understanding Supply Chain Management

In recent years, disruptions to the supply chain have highlighted the importance of an optimized system. As a result, supply chain management professionals are beginning to explore how advanced analytics and machine learning can help improve the supply chain, making AI in supply chain management one of the top trending topics in the field.

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psychology student taking notes

How Psychology Enhances Communication and Critical Thinking

Considering a degree in psychology? If so, then you could get more out of your degree than career prospects. That's because studying psychology can also empower you to develop some critical life skills, including communication and critical thinking, which can help you in all aspects of life.

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Educational and Career Opportunities for Master of Arts in Teaching Graduates

Most teachers reach a point in their career in which they decide to pursue an advanced degree, such as a Master of Arts in Teaching or a Master of Education degree. The Master of Arts in Teaching degree is specifically designed for teachers who want to continue working in the classroom environment, but this degree program also opens the doors to careers in education other than teaching.

Read about a rewarding career path as an educator
two business finance students collaborating on laptop

Financial Careers Unveiled: Where Can a BA in Finance Take You?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, professionals who work with money have the potential to make a healthy income. For this reason, among many others, the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Finance has long been an extremely popular degree for people from all walks of life. But what exactly are the major career paths and opportunities for finance majors today? Read on for an examination of some of the most exciting and rewarding occupations that someone with a BA in finance can pursue.

Explore Rewarding Finance Careers with a BA
UofM Global Student studying with laptop and notes

Charting a Career in Public Health With a Master of Public Health Degree

Public health careers allow professionals to explore their passion for health and science while making a difference in their local communities. By pursuing a master's degree in public health, you can begin to take an in-depth look at this dynamic field, all while developing the skills needed to launch your career as a public health professional.

Elevate your career in public health with an MPH
UofM Global MBA student taking notes while listening to lecture on laptop with headphones

A Glimpse Into the Online MBA Curriculum

While many working professionals know the value this degree program holds, they might be less prepared for the amount of time, effort and resources it takes to earn a master's degree. Fortunately, online MBA programs provide future leaders with an opportunity to balance their online MBA classes with their existing professional responsibilities, along with a chance to realize their full potential.

Learn about Advanced Business Strategies
uofm global student working on reports on laptop at desk

How SCM Professionals Manage Risk in the Supply Chain

Beyond pursuing specialized training through advanced degrees and seeking continuous improvement through professional development programs, you may want to seek and obtain one or more relevant industry certifications.

Enhance your supply chain management expertise
UofM Global Social taking notes in library while working on a laptop

From MSW to LBSW: How to Become a Licensed Social Worker

Ready to Pursue an Advanced MSW Degree? If you already hold a bachelor's degree in social work or a related discipline but are looking to take your social work education to the next level, then a master's in social work may be the next logical step.

Start your rewarding social work career today
university of memphis accounting students at collaboration station

Numbers and Beyond: The Comprehensive Skill Set of an Accounting Major

Working in accounting requires a great deal of number-crunching, problem-solving and analytical thinking. However, with the right education and training, you can be on your way to an exciting and rewarding career.

Explore Accounting at UofM Global
uofm global engineering student

Bridging Classroom Knowledge to Career Advancement

While an advanced degree in engineering technology or a related field can certainly yield countless rewards, it is wise to construct your academic path carefully if you want it to serve as a bridge to your dream job.

Learn more about Engineering Technology
people in a meeting

Career Opportunities With a BBA in Management

Business management could be described as both a science and an art form, with the best managers relying on tried-and-true leadership strategies and innovative managerial styles to lead their teams to success. Most professionals, however, are not born managers—they study business principles emphasizing the best practices in management to secure business management jobs.

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An Insight Into the Marketing Field With Product Development, Pricing and More

In this rewarding field, you get to work first-hand with researching, planning, testing and developing new products and/or services before they hit the market. With a better understanding of research and product development and how it fits into the scope of a marketing career, you can determine whether this path may be worth pursuing for you.

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Certified public accountant with laptop

How to Build a Foundation for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam

If you plan to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you'll need to complete an undergraduate degree program in a related field and pass the CPA exam before you can start practicing. Depending on the state where you plan to work, you may also be required to log some relevant work experience.

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students in computer lab

Management Information Systems: The Intersection of Technology and Business

Bridging the gap between business and tech, MIS ensures that the most cutting-edge tools and technologies are used to their full potential. Keep reading to learn what management information systems are and how they play into business intelligence.

Read about Management Information Systems
social worker with elderly couple

Social Work in Action: Impactful Stories From the Field

Those searching for a rewarding career in which they can do life-changing work on a daily basis should set their sights on the field of social work. Defined as a practice-based profession that focuses on helping people function as best as possible in every aspect of their lives, social work is a broad field with ample opportunities to specialize.

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Effective Supply Chain Management and Real-World Applications

At UofM Global, we offer a Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management degree program that provides students with a comprehensive foundation in business with an emphasis on supply chain services and management.

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finance meeting with analytical data on clipboard

How to Design Optimal Portfolios With a Finance Degree

Success in investing begins with a strong portfolio. This consists of a series of investments meant to generate capital gain while providing maximum financial security and peace of mind. However, there is no one way to tackle this, and the sheer scope of opportunities can be dizzying even for experienced investors.

Learn more about portfolio optimization
health science students doctor appointment

Top Career Paths in Health Sciences

If science has always fascinated you, but you have often craved a practical way to apply your knowledge, you may be well-suited to a career in health science. This dynamic field exists as a subset of the health care industry and weaves the transformative study of science with the revolutionary power of technology and communication, allowing graduates with a health sciences degree to pursue a wide range of professional opportunities.

Pursue a career in Health Sciences
psychologist meeting with patient

Career Opportunities for Qualified Psychology Degree Graduates

In an age where more people advocate for improved mental health care services, it's unsurprising that many students are considering this field. There are several professional pathways available for graduates considering careers with a psychology degree.

Read about Career Paths in Psychology
information technology professionals talking

Navigating Digital Landscapes: Key Communication Skills for IT Professionals

To succeed in the IT field, you certainly need to have your fair share of technical skills and practical expertise. However, having strong communication and interpersonal skills also pays off in this ever-changing field. Long gone is the stigma of the IT professional being a reclusive role; today's tech professionals are required to be collaborative team players with an ongoing desire to grow and learn.

Learn how to excel in your IT career
criminology readying law book

How Criminology Addresses Issues of Equity and Fairness

Misguided as some might be, notions of equity and fairness have been baked into legal and justice systems since the dawn of human history. Our strong feelings about these values have shaped the fields of criminal justice and criminology as we know them.

Read more about inequality concerns in society
picture of people gathered at table in a meeting

Unveiling the Power of Organizational Leadership Degrees

No matter what kind of group or organization you want to direct and shape, the right college degree can help you build the skills you need to lead. This degree will also serve as a mark of capability and credibility to employers, demonstrating that you have what it takes to successfully lead others.

Read about the Power of Organizational Leadership Degrees