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What is MAAP?

UofM Global collaborated with Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare to offer a higher education degree option as part of MAAP: MLH Associate Advancement Program.

There are potentially no out-of-pocket tuition costs, as long as you meet eligibility requirements and are in good academic standing. Plus, you will have courses suited to your prior education, 24/7 tutoring and a UofM Global Advocate to help you along the way.

We all know it’s harder to achieve a higher income without additional education. Check out these stats* about average weekly income for each education level:

*Source: Statistical Atlas, Education Attainment in Memphis, TN

graph of weekly income for education level. $340 less than a high school doiploma. $437 for a high school diploma. $537 for some college. $640 for an associate's degree. $817 for a bachelor's degree

The MAAP program is available to the following eligible Associates:

  • Full and part time associates with MLH who have completed at least 6 months of continuous full or part-time employment
  • Most recent MLH performance evaluation "meets" or "exceeds expectations," or is in good standing if prior to first evaluation
  • Not currently on leave of absence, excluding FMLA
  • Have not previously earned a bachelor's degree

> Refer to guidelines on MOLLI for details. Unsure of your eligibility? Please contact your supervisor to confirm.

MAAP Prep Academy

The MAAP Prep Academy is the first step for those without a high school diploma or college entrance exam. It’s also the ideal starting point for anyone who started college but would still benefit from lower division credits. Or, it can be a refresher for anyone who hasn't taken a class in a while.

Once you have successfully completed MAAP Prep Academy, you will continue your journey as a University of Memphis student. Also, once you complete the Prep Academy, you automatically earn 12 college credit hours!

Learn more about it here >

Experience Evaluation

Your UofM Global Advocate will work with you to complete an experience evaluation then help you find the shortest path to completion. The UofM offers Experiential Learning Credit, a unique opportunity for students to petition for college credit for the knowledge, training, and skills they have from previous work and life experience. This could include military service, MLH provided training, professional development courses, and/or volunteer or other unique life experiences.

The CLEP (College Level Examination Program) and DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Test) provide the opportunity for you to take a test to earn course credit for specific classes. These are great ways for you to reduce the number of classes you need to take, which will help you earn your degree quicker.

Enroll as a University of Memphis Student

Once you have successfully passed the Prep Academy and/or worked with your UofM Global Advocate to be admitted as a UofM student, you will begin taking classes to earn your degree.

You will have the option of choosing one of the following programs:

  • Nursing (RN-BSN Track)

  • Organizational Leadership (BPS)

  • Health Services (BPS)

  • Child Development & Family Studies (BPS)

  • Health Sciences (BS)

  • Healthcare Leadership (BS)

  • Management (BBA)

  • Management Information Systems (BBA)

All of the courses are online, and the course load will fit within the MLH employee benefit program tuition allowance for each semester. Plus, taking the same courses as your co-workers will help provide you with additional support along the way!

Learn more about each degree program >

Become a College Graduate!

Once you successfully complete your degree program, you will officially be a graduate of the University of Memphis. This will change your life forever!

Many of our students have children and families that they support. By earning their college degrees, they're able to impact their family. As we know, the more you learn, the more you earn, so not only are college graduates able to better provide for themselves and families, they pass that desire to learn down to their children. They show them that with hard work, you can achieve anything. These are the lessons that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Earn a Certificate

Associates will be able to choose between three certificate options: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Surgical Technologist, or Limited Scope X-Ray Operator.

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If you want to learn more and talk to your UofM Global Advocate, complete our inquiry form and a UofM Global Advocate will contact you to answer any additional questions.

Or contact us at maap@memphis.edu or 844.302.3886.