Sports and Leisure Management

Faculty Mentor:  Timothy Ryan

Faculty Mentor's Department:  Sport & Leisure Management


Project Description: The study aims to find a link between home and school location of athlete and the likelihood of success in highest level of college athletics or professional sports.

Requirement for Student Applicants:  Ideal applicants would have a background with markers in Google Maps. Preference will be given to applicants interested in sport or geography related research. Students should have some basic knowledge of research and sport. Significant online searching and database entry will be required.

Application or Interview Process: Interested applicants should apply directly to Dr. Ryan at

Starting Date: Flexible

Method of Compensation:  Volunteer or Federal Work Study


Faculty Member: Cody Havard

Faculty Mentor's Department: Sport Commerce – Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality and Resort Management

Contact: (strongly preferred) (901) 678-5011

Project Description: I research consumer behavior in sport and entertainment, with a particular focus on rivalry, and how opposing teams and organizations influence fans and brand supporters. Beginning in the fall, I will begin working on a project to investigate fandom in the Disney brand, and relevant rivalries (e.g., Disney Parks vs. Universal Parks; Disney Company vs. Comcast, etc.). Additional responsibilities will include work on and helping with the weekly podcast This Week in Rivalry.

Student Requirements: Students should be proficient in:

  • CommunicationWriting
  • High Academic Standing

Application Process: Please send materials to

  • Letter of Interest
  • Letter of Reference
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Resume
  • Selected Applicants will set up a time to interview with Dr. Havard

Hours per week: 15 hours
Starting Date: August 27, 2018