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The Helen Hardin Honors College has many opportunities for you to champion the things you care about by supporting our students. Is it helping young people fulfill their potential? Expanding opportunities for students to pursue internships, undergraduate research, or study abroad? Ensuring that students have the opportunity to do their best work at the University of Memphis (UofM) by contributing to scholarships for the best and the brightest who will become the leaders of Tennessee and beyond?

Investing in high-achieving students yields bold returns. Honors students represent the very best of the UofM, engaging in cutting-edge research with our top faculty, completing internships in industry and government, and earning prestigious national awards in the process. Many students go on to pursue post-graduate degrees, especially in the areas of research and medicine, or enter the workforce directly after graduation, creating exceptional careers in business, health care, or government.

Your generosity can greatly impact the educational experiences of 2,000 honors students across the university. With your support, honors students can—and they will—achieve even more in their career and life.

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Helen Hardin Honors College Scholarship Fund

Donations to the Helen Hardin Honors College Scholarship fund help to close the gap for students with financial need. Even though our students are academically talented, many still face financial difficulties, which is why scholarship support is critical for the overall success of our students and will change their lives and experiences while at the University of Memphis (UofM).

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Honors College Program Fund

Donations to the Honors College Program Fund are used to support academic and extracurricular enrichment opportunities in the Honors College, including internships, undergraduate research, and study abroad. This is a great way to support a rigorous and engaging education for the UofM’s top students.

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