What are the uses of the plasma cleaner and cryotrap?

According to FEI website: "dark rectangles caused by volatile contaminants in the chamber atmosphere that appear at the location of the scanned area after image acquisition can easily obscure fine details of the sample surface. This is especially true when operating at low beam energies. The Nova NanoSEM plasma cleaner uses energetic particles to remove contamination from chamber surfaces. It can also be applied briefly to the sample itself to remove contamination. The cryo trap is designed to attract and immobilize contaminants to a cryogenically cooled surface positioned near the sample."

Integrated Plasma Cleaner

An integrated Plasma cleaner helps ensuring that the specimen surface stays clean. Its integration allows for a direct access through the user interface to two cleaning modes: chamber cleaning, and a mild specimen surface cleaning. The removal of hydrocarbon contaminants is of particular importance when operating at low kV for true surface imaging.

CryoCleaner (CryoTrap)

The CryoCleaner Extended Capacity (EC) decontamination device helps to reduce contamination found in the specimen chamber created by sample out-gassing. In turn, this provides a clean environment for samples to be observed and analyzed. Unlike other vacuum cleaning systems, the CryoCleaner can be working in high-vacuum mode. Some of the advantages are:- A simple, economical, reusable method- Ideal for high beam current applications such as EDS- Ideal for highly out-gassing samples- Reduces water vapor build-up by cryo pumping- The CryoCleaner can be a permanent fixture to the specimen chamber- Extended capacity (>20 hours/refill in most cases).The CryoCleaner Extended Capacity (EC) Spare Vessel enables continuous cleaning of the system while the original vessel is being cleaned outside the microscope.