Upright Bright-Field & Wide-Field Fluorescence Microscope Olympus BX63

Upright Bright-Field & Wide-Field Fluorescence Microscope Nikon Eclipse 800

Description and Applications

While the Nikon A1 confocal fluorescent microscope enables optical z-sectioning and imaging fluorescent samples with high resolution, it is an inverted microscope. The Olympus BX63 is a traditional wide-field fluorescence microscope which comes in handy for users whose fluorescent samples can only be imaged with an upright microscope. Blue, green, and red fluorescence light can be imaged thanks to specific filter cubes. A deconvolution software is included in the software package running the microscope hardware.

In addition, the Olympus BX63 excellent optics and illumination systems generate outstanding bright field, DIC and polarization images of H&E stained histology sections and unstained cells. The Olympus BX63 stage can move in the x-y and z axis and can therefore be used for image stitching. The microscope has two cameras, one for bright samples and one for dim fluorescent samples.

The following objectives are available: 4x/0.16; 10x/0.40; 20x/0.80; 40x/0.95 with correction collar. All these objectives are dry and are UPlan/XApo.