Materials Science - Microfabrication Laboratory

Microfabrication Laboratory

The microfabrication laboratory at the University of Memphis opened in May 2013 and provides a learning and research environment for students, faculty and industrial parties.

The equipment in the microfabrication lab enables thin film deposition by sputtering, photolithography and wire bonding. This equipment is housed in a 435 sq. ft. class 1000 cleanroom, which provides an environment in which the concentration of airborne particles is tightly controlled (<1000 particles 0.5 microns or larger per cubic foot). In addition other cleanroom environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and pressure are maintained within specified limits. This tightly controlled cleanroom environment enables the microfabrication equipment to be used for research and fabrication processes at the nanoscale level.

Staff in the facility help investigators define optimal experimental conditions for their microfabrication project. Investigators have the option to request IMC staff to perform their microfabrication project or to be trained by IMC staff to operate the microfabrication equipment.

Users interested in using the Materials Science Lab or equipment should contact: