Bright-field and Dissecting Microscopes

Nikon E200 LED Binocular Microscope

Nikon Eclipse 200

LED illumination

1.25 na Abbe Condenser


Plan Achromat 4x, 10x, 20x (NA 0.4, WD 1. 3mm) and 40x

10x eyepieces

Right hand mechanical stage


Nikon Eclipse TS100 Binocular Inverted Microscope

Nikon Eclipse TS 100

For observation of live cells in tissue culture dishes

10x occulars

Phase contrast objectives 4x, 10x and 20x


American Optical Stereomicroscope

American Optical

Equipped with camera stand and fiber optics light source

Magnification Range: 0.7x to 3x


Nikon Stereomicroscope

Nikon Binocular

Magnification Range: 0.66x to 4x