Legal Studies

The Legal Studies Program teaches theoretical and practical aspects of the field of law as a profession. The Program equips students to offer substantive legal support services to firms and agencies or to continue their education in law school. The core curriculum emphasizes four correlated disciplines:

  1. Theory, process, application, and ethics of law;
  2. Legal and administrative research and investigation;
  3. Law-related technologies; and
  4. Professional decorum and communication skills.

Only licensed attorneys are permitted to practice law, but well-trained paralegals and support staff are indispensable to any organization that faces critical issues in law, regulatory compliance, or policy. The unique skill sets of Legal Studies graduates are vital not only to law firms but also to corporations, government agencies, courts, law enforcement, health care organizations, non-profits, educational institutions, and a wide range of other professional settings.

The Legal Studies curriculum is available both as a major and as a minor, and it may be completed entirely online through UofM Global. Well-qualified students may also be eligible to take advantage of our 3+3 Program – an accelerated, six-year BPS/JD offered in partnership with the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law. For more information, please see the Legal Studies website.