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African and African American Studies

The African and African American studies program offers students the opportunity to student Africana history and culture through an interdisciplinary lens. Students in this University of Memphis online degree program may focus their studies in the humanities, communications and fine arts, or social and behavioral sciences.

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Anthropology majors in this University of Memphis degree program develop cross-cultural communication, human relations, critical thinking, writing, analysis, evaluation, problem-solving, planning, and community outreach skills. It is an ideal field to prepare for jobs that require people skills, and understanding of multicultural and institutional dynamics.

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Child Development and Family Studies Concentration

Child Development and Family Studies focuses on recognizing and enhancing important developmental milestones for children from birth through adolescence. Students in this bachelor’s degree online program will learn how to create effective learning environments to promote children's healthy development as well as assist parents in creating positive relationships and environments for the development of their children.

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Child Life Specialist Concentration

The Bachelor of Professional Studies’ Child Life Specialist University of Memphis online degree concentration focuses on developing the skills needed to become a child life specialist. Child life specialists areprofessionals who work closely with children and their families in hospitals and other settings to help them cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness, and disability.

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Legal Studies

The Legal Studies University of Memphis degree program teaches theoretical and practical aspects of the field of law as a profession. This bachelor’s degree online program equips students to offer substantive legal support services to firms and agencies or to continue their education in law school.

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The Department of Communication at the University of Memphis helps its undergraduate majors to understand more fully what communication is and how it can be applied effectively in a variety of contexts and settings. online bachelor’s degree program provides needed background and skills that help to make students successful in their chosen professional careers, as well as prepare them for advanced graduate study.

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Criminology and Criminal Justice

The study of crime and justice is complex as researchers, practitioners, and policy makers tackle issues of policing strategies, corrections, capital punishment, violence, gangs, addiction, and international crime. University of Memphis online degree programs emphasizes research, scholarship, service and community outreach.

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Early Care & Learning

The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Early Care and Learning develops students’ knowledge and skills in child development and learning, observation and assessment, pedagogy and research through classroom and field experiences. Students in this online bachelor’s degree program will be prepared for employment in a discipline working with children aged birth to 4 years old and their families, and may pursue graduate training that leads to careers in education, academia, research, health professions, or social work.

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Early Intervention

The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Early Intervention (ages 0-3) focuses on recognizing the uniqueness of the provision of instruction and/or service coordination in the field of Part C the Federal IDEA legislation for early intervention (ages 0-3). 

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International and Global Studies

The International and Global Studies University of Memphis degree program provides students with the opportunity to learn about the world from an interdisciplinary perspective. In bringing together several traditional disciplines, including Political Science, Economics, Anthropology, Geography, and History,students gain a solid foundation of knowledge concerning international society, global economic systems, as well as myriad national and cultural perspectives on subjects ranging from global security and humanitarianism to transnational history and environmental sustainability.

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Political Science

This University of Memphis online degree offering provides students with options and opportunity to complete their degree in a timely format. Courses such as but not limited to American Government, Political Thought, and International Relations are offered each semester including summer in rotation to provide flexibility and to ensure students stay on track to graduate.

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The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology is designed to achieve several broad objectives: to increase students' understanding of their cultural and natural worlds through greater familiarity with the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences; to enhance their skills in communication, quantitative analysis, and critical reasoning; and to prepare them to fulfill their roles as responsible members of their families, community and society.

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Social Work

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work prepares students for entrance into the profession of social work as generalist practitioners. Social work majors are required to be available for synchronous class sessions for some courses. The BA in social work bachelor’s degree online program requires an in-person field placement with 460 contact hours.

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The Department of Sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Memphis is proud to offer the online Bachelor of Science in Sociology. The online bachelor’s degree program requires a total of 120 credit hours. The program is designed to meet the needs of online students by providing a broad array of online course offerings. Sociology prepares students for their future careers by developing the skills and knowledge that they can highlight on their resumes. Students already in the workforce can draw on their work experiences to earn credits towards their degree.

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