Doctorate of Education in Higher and Adult Education: Higher Education Concentration

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The Doctorate in Higher Education concentration at the University of Memphis is tailored for individuals seeking advanced doctoral-level preparation aimed at mid- and senior-level administrative roles within higher education institutions, as well as related agencies, boards and commissions.

This Adult and Higher Education program provides a comprehensive approach to higher education, covering a spectrum from teaching methodologies and curriculum development to leadership in educational administration and advanced research within the field. Central to the program is a rigorous dissertation component that integrates theoretical knowledge with practical application. This prepares Doctorate in Higher Education students to apply their learning directly to various areas within higher education, including administration, student affairs, curriculum planning and more.

The EdD in Higher Education program is offered online by the HIAD faculty at the University of Memphis, providing flexibility for working professionals to advance their careers while balancing their professional and personal responsibilities. Prospective students can obtain detailed information about the proposed course schedule by contacting the Doctor of Higher Education Program Faculty Members via email at

This Doctorate in Higher Education program equips candidates with the necessary skills and expertise to excel in leadership roles within higher education settings. By focusing on higher education, doctoral studies, student affairs management, dissertation research, and rigorous coursework, graduates are prepared to address complex challenges and lead initiatives that shape the future of education.

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