Master of Science in Educational Psychology and Research

The Online Master of Science Program in Educational Psychology and Research equips students with the knowledge and skills to conduct basic and applied research in education-related fields. The program also prepares students for a career/profession that requires an in-depth understanding of human development, learning, cognition, and research design and statistics. Our online program will allow you to complete your courses and ultimately earn your master’s degree while accommodating your busy schedules.

Our graduate students come with a variety of interests and career goals. While many are teachers or prospective teachers, others are school administrators, military personnel, health professionals, ministers, law enforcement officers, social workers, consultants, and people from the business community. Their undergraduate degrees are as varied as their backgrounds and experiences. What is common among our students is a shared  commitment to research and to addressing contemporary social and educational issues through research.

The program requirement for online students is the same as that for on-campus students. Students will complete a core set of introductory classes that provide a foundation in human development, learning, cognition, research design and methods. Students can choose additional coursework as elective courses based on their interests or career aspirations. They will complete an independent research project as a capstone experience of the program.  

Please note: This program is not designed for individuals seeking licensure for K-12 schools or wanting to become counselors