Master of Science in Instruction and Curriculum Leadership - Instructional Design and Technology

Whether you want to improve your craft as a K-12 educator, strengthen outpatient training at a hospital, market artistic pursuits, perfect web or multimedia development, leverage sociological and psychological principles in training settings, or perfect consulting skills with business partners, there is a place for you in our program!  

The Master’s of Science works with local business and education partners to prepare professionals to develop multimedia-rich learning solutions, collaborate in team-based environments, manage projects, and assess training. As professionals develop solutions to authentic opportunities, they consider user experiences; goal, objective, and skills development; message and graphic design; artistic representation; client interaction and communication; and system and organizational change management.  

This degree program is:  

  • 100% online  
  • 30 Credit-hours   
  • Streamlined for working professionals  
  • Attainable in as little as four semesters   
  • Focused on a capstone project (rather than thesis)  

Join the exciting and growing field of instructional design and technology to transform your career!