University Billing

Students will receive electronic billing statements on the first business day of each month via their TigerXpress.  Once eBills have been posted to the accounts, students and authorized users will receive an email notifying them of a new billing statement available to view.   

The University of Memphis Third-Party/Direct Billing Plan currently provides students with the payment option of having their employer billed directly for their tuition.  In order to take advantage of this payment option the University must have a Third-Party/Direct Billing Contract on file completed by the company and a UofM Company Authorization form (Tuition and Fees and Alternative Credits) must be completed by the student and approved by the employer each semester.  Please contact the University & Student Business Services Office at 901-678-2712 with any questions, below is the procedure for Third-Party/Direct Billing:

  • Company will complete and submit the Third-Party/Direct Billing Contract located using the following link:  Third Party Direct Billing Contract. The contract must be submitted electronically to the University & Student Business Services Office using the following link:
  • The University of Memphis University & Student Business Services Office (Accounts Receivable) will review and process (2-3 days).  Your company representative will be provided with an identification and contract number by email.
  •  The UofM Company Authorization Direct Billing Form must be completed by the employee (student) and approved by the company's assigned representative. Employee must then submit electronically to the University & Student Business Services Office  using the following link:
  • The UofM Company Authorization Direct Billing Form should be submitted each semester (Fall, Spring or Summer) before the published Fee Payment Deadline.  The authorization should be in accordance with Third-Party/Direct Billing Contract on file.
  • The University will invoice the company by preferred method listed on the Third-Party/Direct Billing Contract.  Invoices will be submitted for payment once each semester after the 0% refund period for the full term.  Payment to the University should be submitted within 30 – 45 days of invoice date. 
  • Required forms for direct billing:

Departments who require an invoice to be sent to an organization/company should submit a Request for Invoice form https://www.memphis.edu/usbs/pdf/requestforinvoice.pdf

Please complete the form with the required information

  • Customer U# (if known)
  • Customer Name (Company/Organization/Individual)
  • Customer Contact person and email address
  • Customer Purchase order (If available)
  • Full Description of service/product provided (date of service/event, # of attendees, etc)
  • A copy of the agreement that states UofM's authority to bill the individual/organization/company
  • For travel reimbursement, a copy of the approved travel claim processed by Accounting is required along with all receipts.
  • Requestor Name, Department, Date and telephone #
  • FOAP that should be credited
  • Approver must sign and date (Approver should be person listed as authorized signature for the Organization code per the Finance Program Guide)