Graduate-Level General Business Certificate

For students considering a graduate certificate, business is an excellent field to start with. The General Business Certificate offered by UofM Global is designed to help you gain a holistic knowledge of all fields of business, so you can shape your career in the way that makes the most sense for you. 

This Graduate Certificate provides a pathway for students with non-business degrees to enter into the MBA program. Additionally, it provides exposure to business concepts for professionals in other unrelated disciplines who are still undecided about getting an MBA. 

This Graduate Certificate in Business is centered around ensuring you have general knowledge about a wide range of business disciplines and concepts. The certificate consists of 12 credit hours of coursework, with an emphasis on supply chain operations and business analytics. For the electives, students can choose two courses in finance, accounting, economics, marketing or information systems.

At the end of the certificate program, students will understand the relationships among the different components of a business, how these components interact with each other, and how businesses operate in a global context.

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About the Bachelor’s Degree in Management from University of Memphis Global

UofM Global certificate programs, including the graduate business certificate, are designed to help you advance in your love of learning and in your life. Because they are designed specifically for working adults, they operate asynchronously: That means you complete all your graduate business certificate coursework online, on your own schedule.  

This graduate certificate in business can be used as a stepping stone toward an MBA program, or as an educational achievement in its own right. So what are you waiting for? 

Expand your business management skillset, advance in your current career, or pivot to an entirely new line of work with a Bachelor of Management degree. It’s your future. Take it further.

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