Charles Kubicek

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UofM Lambuth, Hyde Hall 212A
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Dr. Charles Kubicek

About Dr. Kubicek

Dr. Kubicek joined the Department of Biology and Lambuth faculty in 2015. He began his career studying the molecular implications of urmylation in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, followed by postdoctoral work in transcriptional regulation. At Lambuth, he teaches BIOL 3130 Cell Biology, BIOL 3072 Genetics, BIOL 4445 Immunology, BIOL 1010 Biology of Cells, BIOL 1020 Biology of Organisms and on occasion the BIOL2010/2020 Anatomy and Physiology series. He mentors undergraduates in research projects focused on the genetic manipulation of yeast to improve their ability to make biofuels. In general, students will learn techniques commonly found in microbiology, molecular and biochemistry labs. Dr. Kubicek serves as the Biology advisor for Lambuth and is a member of the Lambuth Research Symposium Committee. He has proudly served as a tnAchieves Mentor for West Tennessee since 2016.


B.S. in Applied Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology; Ph.D. in Biology, University of Oregon.