Researchers at The University of Memphis

The University of Memphis is a world-class research institution working to cultivate the next great ideas that will shape the world around us. Our diverse research community thrives on innovation and collaboration. Every day at The University of Memphis, researchers across our campus break new ground and creating real impact on the world around us. Whether its preventing life-threatening conditions with sensor-based healthcare, amplifying the impact of artificial intelligence with interdisciplinary perspective, planning for the integration of autonomous vehicles in society, or any number of other amazing projects happening every day at the UofM, the Division of Research and Innovation is ready to help. Click below to find the resources to help get you started.

Find Funding

The University of Memphis offers a variety of tools and resources to assist faculty, students and staff to identify funding opportunities and scholarly activities.

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Prepare Proposals

The Division of Research and Innovation has many resources available to give strategic advice, practical tops, and other information to help in writing different kinds of proposals.

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Core Facilities

The University of Memphis is home to many research resources that are available for use by faculty, students, and scientists. Among the many core facilities, several are under the direct supervision of the Division of Research and Innovation.

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Centers and Institutes

The University of Memphis' is home to nationally recognized centers and institutes that provide researchers with the infrastructure necessary to have a wide-reaching impact on our local community, state, and nation.

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Student Researchers

As a student at the University of Memphis, you can collaborate with faculty as they conduct research in their laboratories, studios, in the field and beyond.

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Research Portal

A one-stop shop for researchers to help them identify funding opportunities, develop proposals, manage grants and contracts, navigate through research compliance, and other resources that will help them turn their ideas into outcomes.

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