Researchers at the University of Memphis

The University of Memphis benefits from a diverse community of researchers engaged in pioneering work that helps push the boundaries of current knowledge and in creative pursuits that enhance our human experience. From applied to fundamental, quantitative to qualitative, conceptual to empirical, and descriptive to analytical, our faculty and student research impacts the economic, societal, and educational fabric of the mid-south and the world. Want to get involved? Click on the links below to learn about resources and support available to help.  Click here for Cayuse portal access.   Prefer to talk to a live human? Click to access our staff directory, schedule a one-on-one meeting, or plan to drop in for a visit during Help Hours held in various locations across campus.  

Find Funding 

Need some help finding funding opportunities or identifying potential collaborators? Anyone with a University e-mail can access our subscription search engine, GrantForward, or use the links below to access additional online resources, information on internal funding opportunities; or limited submissions, and special resources for student opportunities. You can link to workshop presentations and other training resources training resources. And be sure to check out our new research collaborations page that highlights the University's research partnership with the Czech Academy of Sciences and provides information about locating research collaborators on campus and in our community. 

Prepare Proposals

While all successful proposals clearly articulate an original idea that is in line with the interests of a sponsor, proposal similarities across domains and sponsors often stop there. The documents required and the format and content of those documents vary by sponsor and sometimes even by the types of proposal mechanisms offered by a single sponsor organization.

So where can you find what you need to pull together a complete, compliant, and competitive proposal? Use these links to easily access common Institutional Information required by sponsors; Checklists and Instructions & Forms for preparing standard proposal documents; Templates & Samples you can use to prepare your proposals; Training Resources for proposal writing; and important sponsor news and updates related to proposal requirements.  

Route and Submit

The Office of Sponsored Programs ( is responsible for reviewing all grant, cooperative agreement, and contract proposals to ensure they are consistent with University policies and procedures and can be accepted if an award is made. OSP has established policies and procedures that facilitate the submission of proposals in an expeditious manner while also assuring that the University meets all federal mandates and assurances. A completed proposal, with all required attachments, must be fully routed with all approvals at least 5 business days prior to the Sponsor Deadline. If the University is not the prime recipient, the deadline should be adjusted accordingly.

Manage Award

The authority to accept an award on behalf of the University has been delegated to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). If you receive an award, please route it to Award Intake email for system logging and staff assignment. Once a proposal is selected for funding, OSP will review the proposal record, award document and compliance . The goal is to ensure that there are no terms that would either violate university policies or impede the researchers' ability to carry out the project. If the award contains problematic terms (publication restrictions, burdensome requirements, governing law), OSP will try to negotiate with the sponsor to remove them, working with the principal investigator, the administrating department, and the office of Grants and Contracts Accounting.

There are many types of research-related agreements. If you are unsure which office has primary responsibility for an agreement, please see the responsibility matrix page for guidance. To assist in determining if an incoming agreement is an OSP or a service agreement handled by Procurement Services, please see the contractor determination sheet. 

Research Compliance

Research Compliance is an important function of the Division of Research and Innovation. Below are the associated resources offered by the University of Memphis.  Contact:

How do I...?

Not sure where to find what you need or how to do what you need to do? E-mail; or click these links to access our staff directory, schedule a one-on-one meeting, or make plans to drop in for a visit during Help Hours held in various locations across campus.