Irma (Quiñones) Singarella

Health Sciences Librarian, Associate Professor

(901) 678-3193, (901) 678-3829
Baptist Memorial Health Care Library (Health Sciences Library) / Community Health Building, Office 2002a / Park Avenue Campus, Memphis, TN 38152
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Dr. Irma Singarella provides leadership and direction for the overall operations of the Health Sciences Library since August 2017. As a member of the faculty, she participates in research activities, and the University Libraries collection development program. She serves as a subject liaison.  She provides users' assistance and research support to faculty and students. She has expertise and skills in the areas of information, leadership projects development, administration, teaching, and presentations.  She is bilingual (English and Spanish) and provides multilingual health information outreach services.


  • Ed.D. Degree, 2008, University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Río Piedras Campus, School of Education, Specialization: Administration and Supervision
  • M.L.S.   Degree, 1997,  University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, School of Library and Information Science 
  • M.P.A. Degree, 1991,  University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. Campus Graduate School of Public Administration, Specialization: Human Resources Administration 
  • B.A. Degree, 1987, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary Studies


  • National Library of Medicine/AAHSL Leadership Fellows Program (2009)
  • Learning Technologies and Distance Education (2008), University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, Instituto para el Desarrollo de la Enseñanza y el Aprendizaje en Línea (IDEAL) (Institute for Online Teaching and Learning Development.)
  • The Consumer Health Information Specialization Program (2019), Level II Designation, Medical Library Association

Work Experience

  • 2017-Current: Health Sciences Librarian, Associate Professor, University of Memphis, TN
  • 2008-2017: Library Director, Medical Sciences, Associate Professor (tenured 2002) Librarian III
  • 2009-2010: Assistant Dean, Technology Integration and Information Access Office, Deanship of Academic Affairs, Medical Sciences Campus University of Puerto Rico
  • 2004-2008: Reference Librarian, Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico
  • 2002-2004: Librarian, Women and Health Center, Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico

Research Interests

  • Academic Librarianship and mentorship
  • Community outreach and multilingual information services
  • Information Services assessment and action plans


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Conferences & Presentations (Sample)

  • Reilly, L.  and Singarella, I. (2022, April 8). Evaluating information seeking behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. WeTalc Meeting.  Memphis.
  • Singarella, I. (2022, April 1st). Library and Information Services. Communication Sciences and Disorders PhD Colloquium. University of Memphis.
  • Singarella, I, (2022, April 1st). The roles of the health information professionals: reflections during the pandemic. University Libraries Colloquium. University of Memphis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUh8qkjMraY .
  • Singarella, I. (2022, March 3; April 14;). Búsqueda de Información acerca de salud: El uso de MedlinePlus= Health information search: the use of MedlinePlus. Community outreach project. The Haven. Memphis TN.
  • Singarella I. (2021, December 15). UM3D Canvas training to LCON faculty. Lowenberg College of Nursing (LCON).
  • Roach-Freiman, A., Hess, C. and Harris, M. Singarella, I. (2021)
  • Changing Roles & the Role of Change: Research and Instructional Services & Health Sciences Librarians Change Roles During Covid-19. WeTalc-Meeting.
  • Singarella, I. (2021, November 21). The Roles of Health Information Professionals: A Literature review of an evolving profession. Tennessee Health Sciences Libraries Association (THeSLA).  Annual Meeting Lightning Talk Virtual Zoom Meeting.
  • Singarella I. (2021, October 25) El uso de MedlinePlus. (How to use MedlinePlus.) Online presentation to the Mexican Consulate.
  • Ford, S. and Singarella, I. (2021, July 16) Mentoring Workshop. McWherter Library. University of Memphis.
  • Singarella, I. (2021, May 6). Diversity and Equity and Inclusion. Medical Library Association NAHRS-DEI. Business Meeting.
  • Singarella. I. (2021, April 2021). Qualtrics: A relevant tool for researchers. Online presentation to CSD PhD students.
  • Singarella, I.  (2021, April 13). Systemic Racism and COVID-19 in Memphis: The importance of Information Access. Panel discussion. Coordinated by the University of Memphis Marcus Orr Center for the Humanities, the Department of History, the Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change, the Department of Communications, and the Community of Researchers Health Spaces and Technology Research Community (HSTRC).
  • Lee, S., Singarella, I. Jin S. W., Bertz, C., Elswick, S. Hicks K., Williams, Y. (2021, February 25). Community Health Needs Assessment via Public Library and University Partnership during COVID-19 Pandemic. Southern Nursing Research Society (SNRS) 35th Annual Conference. (Virtual Meeting).
  • Singarella I. and Lee S. (2021, February 24). Community Health Needs Assessment via Public Library and University Partnership during the COVID-19 pandemic. Southern Nursing Research Society 35th Annual Conference (Virtual). 
  • Grant: “Multilingual health information and literacy skills” NNLM Region 2, $20,000