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Administrative Staff
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Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Environmental Health Faculty
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Dean's Office


Ashish Joshi

Ashish Joshi, Ph.D., MBBS, MPH
Dean and Distinguished University Professor
Phone: 901.678.1673
Office: 236 A Robison


Dr. Marian Levy

Marian Levy, DrPH, RD, FAND
Associate Dean and Professor
Phone: 901.678.4514
Office: 230 Robison


Vikki Nolan
Vikki Nolan, DSc, MPH
Assistant Dean and Associate Professor
Phone: 901.678.1696
Office: 228 Robison

Administrative Support Staff

Deanna McMillian

Deanna McMillian
Business Officer
Phone: 901.678.3316
Office: 236 C Robison

Meghan Taylor

Meghan Taylor, PhD
Pre-Award Coordinator
Phone: 901.678.4501
Office: 208 Robison Hall

Katherine Shorter

Katherine Shorter, MPH
Administrative Associate I
Phone: 901.678.1706
Office: 232 Robison Hall

Academic Support Staff

Shirl Sharpe

Shirl Sharpe, MS
Academic Services Coordinator II for Graduate Program                 
Phone: 901.678.1710
Office: 225 Robison

Emma Draluck

Emma Draluck, MPH
Instructor Coordinator for Undergraduate Program
Phone: 901.678.1687
Office: 223 Robison Hall

Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Environmental Health Faculty

Dr. Zhang
Hongmei Zhang, PhD, MS
Professor of Biostatistics,
Division Director, and PhD Program Coordinator for Biostatistics
Phone: 901.678.4704
Office: 224 Robison
Variable Selection, Bayesian Network & clustering, Epigenetic studies
Debra Bartelli
Director of Undergraduate Programs,
Research Associate Professor of Urban Health
Phone: 901.678.1395
Office: 233 Robison
ACEs, Built Environment, Senior Food Insecurity, WASH, Urban Health
Chunrong Jia
Professor of Environmental Health and Urban Health
Phone: 901.678.2655
Office: 337 Robison
Air pollution, Exposure Assessment, Environmental disparity, Urban Health
Yu (Joyce) Jiang
Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Phone: 901.678.4641
Office: 216 Robison
Bayesian methods, statistical genetics & epigenetics, latent variable modeling
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Xichen Mou, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Office: 218 Robison
Group testing, pooled biomarker data analysis, nonparametric regression, repeated measures
Fawaz Mzayek
Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Phone: 901.678.1662
Office: 300 Robison
Cardiovascular risk, Smoking, Obesity
Vikki Nolan
Assistant Dean, Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Phone: 901.678.1696
Office: 228 Robison
Sickle cell, Cancer, Infectious diseases
Meredith Ray
Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Master Program Coordinator for Biostatistics
Phone: 901.678.5390
Office: 220 Robison
Epigenetics, Bayesian clustering, Lung cancer, fMRI brain data
Matthew Smeltzer
Matthew Smeltzer, PhD
Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Phone: 901.678.3702
Office: 222 Robison
Clinical epi, Lung cancer, Sickle cell, Implementation science
Abu Mohammed Naser Titu
Abu Mohammed Naser Titu, PhD, MBBS
Assistant Professor of Environmental and Urban Health
Phone: 901.678.4443
Office: 338 Robison
Xinhua Yu
Associate Professor of Epidemiology,
PhD Program Coordinator for Epidemiology
Phone: 901.678.3433
Office: 305 Robison
Big data, Chronic diseases, Health outcomes

Health Systems Management and Policy Division Faculty

W Tuttle
HSMP Division Director
Phone: 901.678.4130
Office: 132 Robison
Mark Hendricks
Phone: 901.678.2982
Office: 137 Robison
Dr. Wei Lyu
Wei Lyu, PhD
Assistant Professor
Phone: 901.678.3437
Office: 124 Robison
Courtnee Melton, PhD
Courtnee Melton-Fant, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office: 130 Robison
State and local public policy, racial health inequities, health outcomes

Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty

Ken Ward
Professor and Division Director
Phone: 901.678.1715
Office: 201 Robison
Tobacco Control, Smoking Cessation, Chronic disease prevention
Emma Draluck
Emma Draluck, MPH
Instructor Coordinator for Undergraduate Program
Phone: 901.678.1687
Office: 223 Robison
Satish Kedia
Satish Kedia, PhD, MPH
Professor and SBS PhD Program Coordinator
Phone: 901.678.1433
Office: 205 Robison
Marian Levy
Associate Dean and Professor
Phone: 901.678.4514
Office: 230 Robison
Interprofessional Education (IPE), Public health practice, Environmental
Support for Healthy Lifestyles
Latrice Pichon, PhD, MPH, CHES
Associate Professor
Phone: 901.678.1675
Office: 209 Robison
HIV prevention, CBPR
Jennifer Turchi
Jennifer Turchi, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor
Phone: 901.678.2921
Office: 200 Robison
Youth Advocacy, Social and structural inequality; child development and family outcomes, Community collaboration and outreach
Yong Yang
Associate Professor
Phone: 901.678.5018
Office: 203 Robison
Environment & health behavior, Aging & mental health,
Application of Agent-based Models

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